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Zaton Veliki

Zaton is located inside a beautiful Adriatic bay, 8 kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik. To be more precise, it is very well connected with Dubrovnik because of the nearby Adriatic tourist road. In literal translation, Zaton means cove or bay and as such is quite protected from harsh winds throughout the year. Zaton is divided into Small Bay (Mali Zaton) and Big Bay (Zaton Veliki). 

There are no hotels in Zaton Veliki as it is a really small village to begin with and accommodation in Zaton Veliki is mostly private. Each house is carefully decorated to sooth the mood and theme of that particular Mediterranean area and it will serve as a great introduction to a relaxing vacation. 

You will not be disappointed by the amount of villas in Zaton Veliki as they are evenly spread along the coast of the bay. The villas tend to remind us of summerhouses that were once very popular in that particular area. Many famous Croatian families (Dubrovnik aristocrats) had summerhouses there before the war. 

The inhabitants of Zaton Veliki primarily earn their living through tourism even though Zaton Veliki is one of the few places around Dubrovnik that does not own a hotel. However, apartments and rooms in Zaton Veliki are rented almost throughout the year. Other activities related to Zaton Veliki's inhabitants are fishery and trade. 

There are not that many restaurants in Zaton Veliki. However, there is one restaurant you will have to discover for yourself. If you ever stay there, that wont be a problem as all you'll have to do is ask one of the inhabitants. That place serves the best seafood along the Adriatic coast. That particular restaurant in Zaton Veliki also serves some really intriguing specialties such as fish milk with steamed potatoes. It may not sound like much but when you taste it, it will blow your mind. 

There are several coffee shops; supermarkets, tourist office, bakeries and a post office in Zaton Veliki so you won't feel completely disconnected from civilization. Beaches in Zaton Veliki are mostly pebbled with smooth rocks. A well-equipped camping site in Zaton Veliki is also quite popular so if all else fails – put up a tent and enjoy the sun. 

Right next to the sea, a small pine forest can serve as a great relaxation area that leads to well hidden places with tremendous landscapes.

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