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Like almost every village along Croatian coast, Zablaće is not different and goes by a small fishing village. It is surrounded with lush pine forest, which is also not very different from other Dalmatian villages, but unlike many of them, Zablaće has a beach that will make you fall in love with it instantly. Almost 2 km long, beautiful pebbly beach in Zablaće is the main reason why so many tourists start seeking for accommodation in Zablaće even in early winter. Booking your apartment in Zablaće should not be a tough job if you start planning as early as possible.

In case you missed it, Zablaće is located 9 km south of Šibenik town. Friendly locals are mainly engaged into agriculture, viticulture, olive growing and, as we mentioned, fishing. You must have realised by now that all this means you will be having a blast at the restaurants in Zablaće. Delicious and above all healthy Mediterranean cuisine will give your taste buds a ride of their life. Dalmatians always drink a glass of home-made wine with their lunch, so that should be your set up too.

Let us say a couple of words about the accommodation in Zablaće. Being a relatively small village, it has a lot of houses that offer accommodation. There are lots and lots of apartments in Zablaće for you to rent. Also, you will be able to find holiday villas in Zablaće if that’s what’s you like. There are no hotels in Zablaće, which makes it somehow quitter than places that do have hotels. There is a hotel resort Solaris located nearby, but that belongs to Šibenik.

Naturally, you will be able to find and rent a room in Zablaće in case you're just passing by and want to rest for one night, but that might be a difficult task during August, because that's when the tourist season is peaking.  We almost forgot to mention a campsite in Zablaće! Yes, a lovely decorated campsite that is located at the beautiful beach we mentioned earlier is available for all of nature lovers among you. The beach in Zablaće offers many activites among which the most famous is surfing. There is a nightclub in Zablaće but we don't know much about it. We do know that there's a huge nightclub called Aurora located in Primošten which is couple of miles away. You will love your holiday in Zablaće. It is a trully charming place with a vibrant atmosphere.

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