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Vrsar is a town on the west coast of Istria with a strong tourist orientation. There are high quality accommodation facilities in Vrsar, combined with magnificent natural resources - lovely beaches, beautiful coastline and rich inland. Certainly, these were the reasons why an Italian adventurer, writer and womanizer and a famous gourmand "wandered" to this place and fell in love with. You know him by the name of Giacomo Casanova. He spent the summers of 1743 and 1744 in the romantic Vrsar and this stay was described in his famous memoirs. 

Vrsar town is an enchanting old fishing settlement on the west coast of Istria, between Poreč and Rovinj, above the mouth of Lim Channel. This picturesque town is divided into two parts - the historic old town with a rich culture and colorful history that lies at the top of the hill, and the contemporary and lively part of town at the base, along the beach and marina. 

The narrow, vaulted streets of the old town lead to the city gates, small squares, stone houses, Romanesque castles, picturesque churches and three town viewpoints. Panorama of Vrsar coastline is truly spectacular: the most indented Istrian coast is adorned with one of the most beautiful Mediterranean archipelagos comprising of 18 uninhabited islands surrounded by crystal clear Adriatic Sea.


Vrsar certainly belongs to the most beautiful Istrian towns. Located "somewhere" in the middle of the western coast of Istria, a peaceful ancient town has transformed to the well-known and developed tourist resort over the past five decades. The climate is typically Mediterranean - mild and rainy winters, with long hot summers. Flora and fauna are also typical of the Mediterranean with lots of aromatic pines forests and scents of herbs flowing through the air. 

Along with the development of tourism, population of Vrsar gradually increased, and today it has around 3000 inhabitants. Vrsar name (Italian Orsera) is very old. In Medieval Latin documents, the name of the town is found in many different forms: Ursaria, Ursarium, Vrsarium, Orsaria. Vrsar continuously "lives" since prehistoric times, but the real history of Vrsar began at the time of Roman domination. Thanks to the production of salt, Vrsar was marked on the maps of the ancient world. An excellent gray stone of its streets, which was used in the construction of Venice itself, could be found throughout the Roman Empire

If you are still reading then we attracted your attention and you are probably thinking about the accommodation in Vrsar. First, allow us to say how Istria is the largest green oasis of the northern Adriatic. Now you’re even more interested, right? Well, there are a couple of hotels in Vrsar and they are all located by the sea. So, this means that you can get as lazy as you wish. Of course, many of us prefer to stay active and to look for accommodation in other facilities such as apartments. There are hundreds of apartments in Vrsar for you to rent, and houses as well. You can book these online, of course, after you did your research and found the one that fits your needs perfectly. People in Istria are very kind and friendly and will do everything to make you feel welcomed and to enjoy your holiday at Vrsar. If you prefer, there are also holiday villas in Vrsar to rent. Maybe you can find one of those luxurious stone houses with a pool and pamper yourself as much as you can, if you can afford it, naturally. For all of you guys who don’t like any of these, but enjoy staying outside all the time, there are numerous camps in Vrsar. One of them is famous among nudists, it is called Koversada. Istria is generally a place that camp goers like and visit regularly, so staying at one of Vrsar’s camps will be a rewarding experience as all of these are beautiful.


Vrsar offers a rich menu of Istrian culinary specialties from the world famous prosciutto to asparagus and truffles. Istria is known for its fresh seafood and the highly acclaimed mussels and oysters from the Lim fjord, and the Istrian wines are highly valued. It is definitely worth trying the local Malvasia and white or gray Pinot and brandy, a very popular drink of the region. In Vrsar cuisine is dominated by restaurants featuring seafood dishes. There are numerous restaurants that offer delicious Mediterranean food so go wild and try them all! You’re in Istria, and everyone knows that their food is excellent. Now you will find out. 


Those of you who prefer an active holiday can enjoy various activities - tennis, mini golf, bowling, paddle boat ride, and you can also go for a bike ride along the coast. It is possible to rent the fields for classical ground ball sports and a variety of equipment and vessels, such as motor boats, sailboats, windsurfers, Nordic walking sticks, etc. They brave ones can go on an adventure to the nearby adrenalin park, go sport climbing, try to dive, enjoy the panoramic flights in small aircraft, in sky diving or flying kites in the Sports Airport Vrsar. It would be a good feeling to do all this and at the end of the day to come to the apartment in Vrsar, in the old part of it, which you rented, and to lie down on a bed in the room where probably Casanova spent some of the wild nights. Sounds like a great atmosphere, right?

Vrsar can be proud of its numerous restaurants, bars, bistros, pizzerias and pubs especially along the sea promenade. Those who prefer the night life entertainment will find it in the nearby Poreč (11 km) and its famous clubs. Summer is full of events. From June to September Vrsar hosts the annual music festival "The Sea and Guitars" which is held in St. Mary of the Sea basilica and at St. Peter's square. Music lovers can relax to the soothing sounds of traditional Croatian music. From May to September the locals have fishing festivals. A crowd gathers on the moonlit shore and enjoys the sounds of summer music with Istrian seafood specialties. There is aslo the art festival of love and eroticism - Casanova fest. 

Vrsar became world famous in the 1961, when it became a pioneer of European nudism, with their camp Koversada and one of the largest nudist beaches in Europe. For centuries Vrsar attracted adventurers, artists, fishermen and lovers. Which one are you?

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