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Vodnjan (Dignano), is a small town on the south-west of Istria, 11 km far from Pula, situated at 135 meters above sea level. Vodnjan has survived a long time with its medieval characteristics of the urban-rural location. His broad area is rich in distinctive kažuns – small stone houses built in the drywall technique that indicated ownership once. Back then the inhabitants were involved in agriculture, especially olive and wine growing, which even today is the base of economy. Also, the residents have preserved their ancient Roman Istriot speech and customs.


Vodnjan was already known in Roman times as Victus Attinianum. Inside its historic nucleus the city has preserved its distinctive medieval layout with narrow streets that irregularly wind among houses with facades made of cut stone. The old streets are still maintained a distinctive Venetian Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style, and many churches are rich in antique works that are worth a look. In the church of St. Blaise is a world’s famous collection of relics in Vodnjan and Vodnjan mummies of saints are exhibited as well.

As for tourist accommodation in Vodnjan, it can be found mostly in apartments in Vodnjan. It is possible to rent a room in Vodnjan, if that’s what suits you. Perhaps the most interesting are luxury holiday villas in Vodnjan with swimming pools and everything awesome that comes with them.

In the past, Vodnjan was an important urban center and so today this town is an interesting destination especially for those who love art and culture. Since ancient times, the economy was based on wine and olive oil, and today tourism is flourishing because of the rich cultural and historical heritage and natural beauties of the area. In addition to the famous heritage Vodnjan is intriguing in that its inhabitants kept Istriot original speech, as well as many customs and traditions which delight visitors with its intimate atmosphere. Trademark of Vodnjan is seven-star symbolizing the seven villas whose alliance was the base for the development of Vodnjan as we know it. Vodnjan means friendship. You'll feel it for yourself while staying at some of its beautiful houses and dining at some of the most excellent restaurants in Vodnjan. Istria is a famous gourmand destination and Vodnjan does not differ from that image.

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