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Vodice is a famous tourist destination known for its vibrancy, diversity, tourist attractions and friendly people. It is located on the coast, in a wide bay, 11 km northwest of Šibenik, the center Šibenik-Knin County. Today Vodice has about 10,000 inhabitants and is an ideal place for vacation where everyone can find something for themselves.

The first settlements have developed in the background of Vodice in prehistoric times. It seems that Vodice was a part of an important Roman trade route along which many settlements had sprung up. Numerous archaeological studies have found the remains of pre-Roman settlements and the Liburnian necropolis of the 4th century BC. The site was first mentioned in 1402 under the name Arausa.


Vodice fields are abundant with water and fertile soil. It is an ideal place for living a comfortable life. The inhabitants were growing olives, grapevines and cherries that they use to (and still do) call maraška. Today the fields still have visible traces of dwellings in which people stayed, and preserved are wells and ponds used to water livestock.

In the green of the fields you will spot dry stone walls. These large stone drywalls were used to mark the ownership of the land, to divide it and in some times to prevent it from draining. They are also an evidence of firm Dalmatian spirit, of their will, strength and defiance. Resistant to the time are also old traditional stone buildings in the fields; shelters, which were once used as shepherds’ homes or as a shelter from bad weather or as tool storage.

Watching from the sea Vodice is dominated by panorama of Okit hill with the church of Our Lady of Karmel. The first church on this hill was built in the 17th century, probably on the foundations of an earlier chapel. The church was rebuilt several times, and was twice destroyed in the Second World War and in the War for independence. The current layout of the church of Our Lady of Karmel is the work of architect Nikola Bašić. Ćorić tower fortress, on the other hand, speaks a lot about the history of the place. It is preserved among the defensive walls from the time of Turkish conquest. The church of St. Cross from 1421 and the baroque church of St. Cross from 1746 are also important historical pieces and an interesting sight to see.


As one of the most popular Croatian tourist resorts, Vodice offers thousands of beds in hotels and apartments. There are also 400 berths in the marina, numerous restaurants and taverns, nightclubs, sports and recreational facilities including water sports, cultural and artistic programs, and trips by boat or by bus to nearby national parks Krka and Kornati, and Nature Park Vransko Lake. As you can see, accommodation in Vodice is very diverse. Depending on your preferences you may choose to stay in one of the fancy or not so fancy hotels in Vodice. Naturally, some people prefer to be at their own in a cozy house or apartment so if you are one of them feel free to explore the private accommodation in Vodice. You might find a perfect apartment or a holiday villa in Vodice, if that is what you prefer.

Endless sandy, pebbly, concrete and rocky beaches, long promenade (which goes west to Tribunj, and southeast to Srima), numerous sports and recreational programs, as well as all kinds of water sports will satisfy every visitor. When you get tired of all these activities, in Vodice you will enjoy the true Dalmatian specialties. That means lots of fish in every possible ways and boiled vegetables. A light and healthy food. Fortunately, almost each house in Vodice has a small garden, and the open markets are selling organic, fragrant fruits and vegetables, of natural colors and flavors.

For all of you nature lovers, there are a couple of lovely campsites in Vodice. Located on the shore, surrounded with a fragrant pine forest, these look like an oasis of peace.

In evening hours, guests can relax with great entertainment and live music program. Nightclubs in Vodice are very popular and many people come to Vodice to party. Numerous taverns offer local black and white wine, from nearby vineyards. How great is that? After dessert, do not forget ask for a glass of homemade marašćina, a sweet wine. This is the type of grape particularly delicious in this area, and wine is smooth. After all, every housewife will admit that Vodice fritule and kroštule have little marašćina inside. What is fritule and kroštule, you wonder? Well, it’s a dessert, and you will have to go to Vodice to find out what is it about.

Vodice has an infirmary, a dentist, a veterinary clinic, a pharmacy,  a post office, several banks, gas station and a tourist office where visitors can get all the information they need about the place. Oh, we forgot to mention the small family hotels in Vodice. These are growing in popularity in recent years. You might be interested in these, perhaps.

If you want to have and active vacation, there is a marina in Vodice that has been awarded with the "European Blue Flag", protected by two breakwaters, with 415 berths for all of sailors among you. Also you can actively spend your time riding a bike at the marked bike trails, as well as try underwater scuba diving. There are all kinds of wonders under the sea of Vodice. And if you want an active holiday full of adrenalin, experience the magic of the Kornati archipelago; you can fight with the biggest fish in the Adriatic Sea in the famous Big Game Fishing or drive a speed boat and watch the marvelous landscape of Kornati.


And if you like quiet holiday there are many cultural heritage sights for you to explore. During evening hours you can spend time in the new cultural center of Vodice which has 262 seats, is air conditioned and equipped with modern technical equipment. This is a perfect place to spend your free time relaxing in the company of art, entertainment and culture. If you stop by the public library reading room, take a book of your choice and get back to that same beach you visit every day.

For lovers of classical music are held evenings of classical music, where you can enjoy the classic works performed by Croatian and foreign artists. Vodice hosts the Seaside Jazz Festival that brings together renowned local and foreign performers. Festivals, exhibitions, concerts and much, much more than you can imagine – all this takes place in Vodice during summer. Check out what is on the schedule when you plan to visit in Vodice. The falcon Centre is located in a pine forest in Dubrava, only 8 miles from the center of Šibenik, is a unique place where visitors can learn about the mysterious life of the sky hunters - falcons. The falcon Centre offers several opportunities for further exploring the world these predators.

Looks like Vodice is a place for most curious of us. With so diverse offer of everything, this place promises an unforgettable holiday for its guests.

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