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Vinišće is a village in the Marina county, barely 20 kilometers distant from Trogir and about 50 kilometers from Split. Main source of income is tourism, which is evident in the fact that many people who don’t actually live there built holiday villas in Vinišće. Renting rooms and apartments in Vinišće is most lucrative during the summer, especially in July and August. During the winter there's not much to do here and most of the restaurants in Vinišće are closed. Except for tourism, the residents rely on fishing and agriculture as their main survival skills.


Transportation in Vinišće is not exactly well organized because some of the locals refuse to sell part of their land, making it virtually impossible to build roads. Inevitably, some of Vinišće's roads cross over certain private properties so repairs and modifications are a tough nut to crack. There is this legend in Vinišće, which hints at the possibility that its people are actually Mongols, who stayed there after the Mongol invasion during the 13th century. Is there any truth to that? Probably not, but for the sake of legends, lets pretend there is. 

Entertainment in Vinišće is a bit hard to come by. However, there are plenty of casinos, bars and nightclubs in nearby Split and Trogir. One of the biggest and most popular nightclubs in Croatia is located in Primošten, barely 20 kilometers distant from Vinišće, so that is your ideal destination if you're up for partying from dusk until dawn. There are a couple of taverns and restaurants in Vinišće that offer supreme Dalmatian specialties based on seafood with the addition of local wine brands.

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Even though there are no hotels in Vinišće, the beaches are so peaceful and calm you might catch yourself thinking about spending a couple of nights on them. No bonfires though, we don’t want you to get jailed for a crime you didn’t want to commit. Beaches in Vinišće are both pebbled and sandy, with the exception of a few concrete beaches (oddly enough, those are marvelous for people with back pain). Additionally, there are several romantic bays scattered around Vinišće that guard an exquisite underwater world which looks like it was made only for scuba diving and nothing else. 

Lets face it, Vinišće is not for the wild and the young but its ideal for families with children who want to have a peaceful holiday without having to look back over their shoulders all the time.

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