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Viganj located on the island of Pelješac. It is beautiful throughout the year. With each season, there are new scents, colours and activities waiting to be washed ashore. The locals are kind and hospitable folks and will gladly welcome you with one of their anecdotes. Accomodation in Viganj is always an easy task as the locals will gladly offer you a room or apartment for a relatively modest sum of money.

The island of Pelješac is famous for its wine and Viganj is no stranger to that particular beverage. Wine in Viganj is one of the best commodities this place has to offer. Crystal clear beaches and high quality fish are Viganj's well-kept secrets.

However, one of the most intriguing facts about Viganj is its dedication to extreme water sports. That’s right, water sports in Viganj are concentrated around surfing and sailing. These sports are really appropriate because of the winds that blow all around the island of Pelješac creating excellent thrust when sailing and generous waves when surfing. Windsurfing in Viganj has become as common as surfing in Australia.

Apartments in Viganj are the most common type of accommodation as they can be rented as whole apartments or just rooms. Beach bars in Viganj are also quite common as they are a must-visit destination for all nature and adrenaline lovers.

As it can be presumed, Viganj's residents rely mostly on their vineyards and tourism to make a living and those two branches are quite profitable on their own. Essentialy, Viganj offers much more than just a hedonistic experience. It gives you that wild boost you always needed when you took a risk, it gives you a sense of complete control over your life and it rewards you with its untouched nature, olives and grapes.

There are no hotels in Viganj, which is actually a good thing because it keeps that atmosphere intact and only true adventurers can be found there, lurking for a new adrenaline rush. As far as entertainment in Viganj is concerned, the accent is obviously on extreme sports and beach bars along. The entire experience can only be topped off with a mouthwatering sort of wine, something Viganj will never be lacking. 

Beaches in Viganj are mostly fine and pebbled and definitely not crowded so you can be sure you will be left alone when you so desire. Viganj is surely one of Croatias top untouched destinations and if you are ever around Pelješac, be sure not to miss it.

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