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umagUmag is a popular tourist destination, placed on the Istrian peninsula at the far North West end of Croatia. Umag is only 10km from the Slovenian border and European highway. The old part of the town lies on a peninsula, which in the past was an island. The Romans connected the island to the mainland. The newer part of the town spreads along the coast from Kator to Novigrad. All main tourist capacities with highest comfort in Umag are placed there, connected with the town by a frequent mini train line.

In addition to tourism, strong economy branches in Umag are also agriculture, viticulture and fishing. The Allotment of Italian population is very high (18,3%), so don't be surprised to hear Italian language while walking through Umag.

Night heats in summer are not so impatient, especially for older people; because Alps are not so far away, two climates are mixing there: alpine and Mediterranean. No matter that the temperatures are a bit lower, the crystal clear in Umag's sea is suitable for swimming from May till October.

The main sports event in the city is the yearly ATP tennis Tournament which has been played in Umag since the mid 90th. Beside tennis, you can choose from variety of other sports: biking, fitness, pool swimming, gold, hunting, riding, paragliding, diving, jet-ski, waterskiing, jogging, trekking...

History of Umag:

Umag was built on island, later connected with mainland. In X. Century, big walls were built around town, partly visible today on south-west side. One of the buildings from that time is City museum, the building used to a defence castle; its roof is very interesting, shaped like swallow's tail.

The City was inhabited already in oldest time of human civilisation, first time Umag was mentioned was in VII. century. Through history rulers changed very often; Byzantine, Frankish, Venetians, are few of most famous nations that for shorter or long periods ruled over the city. There is no unique opinion about Umag (lat. Humagum) name occurrence, but most probably it came from Celtic “magus” (cultivated field), later connected with Latin “humus”.


The Cultural life I the city is rich and various with several museums and galleries. One of the most important is the Umag City Museum; in which old parts of towns from the town can be seen, the museum hold treasures a valuable archaeological collection discovered on the territory of Umag. In the Galleries you can see works of local and international artists.

Most old parts of Umag can be recognized on the ancient small houses with authentic windows, streets, emblems, and captions; in Epifanio Street, no 3, you can find a coffin from early Christian time (V century). St. Roko church which was built after pest epidemic in year 1507, it is placed at the entrance to old town. It is known for its peculiar illustrated wooden ceiling from VII century.

Headquarters of the huge Italian community is inside of People’s Open University, where among other a book shop, cinema and music school can be found.


Accommodation in Umag:

The accommodation offer in Umag covers the whole range from 4 star luxury hotels to budget accommodation in an apartment. Majority of the hotels are situated in the northern part of town which is also there area, where the tennis courts can be found. The Hotels in this area are fairly and equipped with facilities like swimming pool and wellness. Private Apartments in Umag is mainly found closer to the old town, here also small family hotels and pension can be found, in the vicinity of the town there is several villas with Pool. In the surrounding area several campsites can be found.

Restaurants Umag:

Main part of restaurant in Umag offer Istrian cuisine, which include fish and meat dished prepared according to local tradition, do to the proximity to Italy and the large Italian population, the Italian cuisine is of course also well represented in Umag. Main parts of restaurants can be found on the south side of the old town peninsula.

How to get to Umag:

By car: From Trieste go direction Koper, once you get to Koper you will see signs direction Umag, just follow them, distance from Trieste to Umag is around 40 km.

By bus: From Porec there is around 10 daily departures to Umag, from Trieste there is two and from Pula there is one daily bus connection.

By Plane: IMPORTANT many people get fouled by the fact the Trieste Airport seams to be the closest airport (As Trieste is only 40 km away), when you want to get to Umag, but it is NOT the airport is placed in Ronchi dei Legionari, which is almost 50 km outside of Trieste, in the “wrong” direction compared to Umag.  Getting from the Airport to Umag by means of public transportation is an adventure! 

The closest airport is the Pula airport, which is about 80 km from Umag. Once the Istrian Y (motorway) is finished, it will be fairly easy to get from the airport to Umag.

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