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Island Pag

pag-on-island-pagThe island of Pag is the 5th biggest island in the Adriatic Sea but it has the most indented coastline. The island is often compared with the surface of the Moon because of its scarce vegetation. There are almost no trees on the island. The vegetation consists of low grass and aromatic herbs. It is divided between two regions, the region of Zadar and Ličko-senjska region. According to some sources, it was inhabited already in Neolithic. Remains of settlements were found as well as paintings on the walls and graves. From the Roman period ruins of Roman villas were found. The main and the biggest city on the island is Pag. It is the city of salt in which one can still see the old way of salt production. The city of Pag is also famous for its hand made production of lace which is very slow and difficult. The main industries in the city are tourism, cattle breeding and salt production. 

Accommodation on Island Pag: 


In the city of Pag there are 4 hotels but private accommodation is plenty fold available. The cove of Pag has 20 km of pebble and rocky beaches. The adjacent village Šimuni in the cove Šimuni has a camp and a marina. The camp Šimuni is the biggest and the most equipped camp on the island. The marina has 50 berths. Pag has about 10 000 beds and during summer season almost 100 000 tourists visit the city. The majority of tourists stay in apartments on Pag, rooms or campsites. The island offers numerous sport activities like alpinism, diving, cycling, surfing and water ski. In the city of Novalja tourists can choose between modernly equipped rooms and apartments in private houses, hotels and one of the biggest and the most beautiful camps in Croatia, camp Straško. Those in search of entertainment should visit Zrće, the most famous beach on the island.


What to see – Sights on Pag: 

The most significant monuments in the city of Pag are the Church of the Assumption of Mary, Knežev dvor (Ducal palace) and the fortress Skrivanat which is the only of the nine fortresses which used to circle the town together with walls. You can also see the churches of St. George and St. Francis and the monastery of St. Margarita.


The archeological area Stari grad with the church of St. Mary and the remains of acropolis is only one km away from the city centre. During summer months many cultural events are held in the city. The most famous is the festival Paško ljeto with eminent musicians from Croatia and other countries. In the city hall exhibitions take place. 

Where to eat: 

On the island restaurants offer many Dalmatian specialties but above all there is Pag cheese which is very famous and has a specific taste and smell which comes from the oils of aromatic herbs. Lamb from Pag is also very popular as well as snails, pršut, wines, rakija and prošek (liquor). Besides national dishes, you can also have the international ones.

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