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The town once surrounded walls and towers, today is a place with expressed charm, where tradition and history are proudly presented. Situated above the ever green Drage, whose beauty can be enjoyed with Tinjan belvedere sitting on stone seats, exactly like people did many centuries ago. Its old town has remained the same since the Middle Ages. The oldest house, now restored, date from 1442. Attila's head at the gate of the house from the 16th century is evidence of the rich heritage of Tinjan. Old crafts, customs and games are carefully nurtured, fitting perfectly into everyday life and giving everyone an insight into some distant, past times. Festival of blacksmiths, each year brings together the best Istrian blacksmiths demonstrating how stuff can be made following the old ways.

Proclaimed a municipality of the Istrian prosciutto, Tinjan gathers the best producers of prosciutto from of the Istrian region. This superb gastronomic delight is world-famous. Surrounded by vineyards and lush vegetation, Tinjan is an essential choice for a traveller who wants to enjoy a unique Mediterranean place that offers an interesting history visible at every step, culinary delights, natural beauty and old customs that are woven into everyday life of Tinjan people.

Tinjan is located approximately 20 kilometers from the first beaches of Poreč. Accommodation in Tinjan can be found in private houses. Usually people look for apartments in Tinjan to rent; however, there is a large number of holiday villas in Tinjan at your disposal.

The nightlife in Tinjan is not so wild, but you can visit nearby places or simply have fun with the locals at the local pubs and coffee bars.

The interior of Istria is ideal for sports and recreation for those who love adventure, but also for those who want to discover its natural beauty. You can visit a dozen restored and re-landscaped ponds and springs throughout the Tinjan. You will see breathtaking landscapes, forests, meadows and hills. Whether you go for biking, hiking, climbing or fishing in fresh water, fun will not lack.

In Tinjan, during whole year, numerous cultural and gastronomic events are held, and one of the most famous is International Fair of Prosciutto . It is a unique opportunity for visitors to see and taste the quality prosciutto and learn a lot about the process of its preparation. You can visit numerous wine cellars and taste the delicious authentic Istrian cuisine and wines. We recommend a visit to the larger Istrian towns and their cultural and historical sights.

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