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One of Brač's true oases is Sutivan, located on the islands northwest coast. Transportation to Sutivan is well handled throughout the year, with an active ferry line, which allows for frequent visits to Sutivan from Split. If you turn up late to the ferry when you're rushing from the airport, have no fear – the taxi boat is here! Sutivan is one of the smallest municipalities in Croatia and is home to around 700 residents, all involved in fishing, viniculture, agriculture, olive growing and of course – tourism. 

"Vesna", the first hotel in Sutivan was built way back in 1927 so we can mark that year as the first official tourist season in Sutivan. The names of beaches in Sutivan got their names by the nationalities of tourists that frequented them most often. So you had one beach that was called Czech beach for obvious reasons. So, one would believe that Czechs visited Sutivan most often. But no, that’s not the case; it was the Hungarians who were regular guests in Sutivan. Go figure. There are around 1800 beds available in private accommodation in Sutivan today, albeit in rooms, apartments or holiday villas. 

If you are looking for entertainment in Sutivan, you're in luck. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun in Sutivan, such as diving, volleyball, basketball, surfing, jogging, biking, etc. If you are into hiking, then visiting the highest peak in Brač (and all islands in Croatia in general) would be a great idea. This may come as a surprise to you but there are a lot of nightclubs in Sutivan and the rest of the island so make sure to drink responsibly, not overdo it and just walk it off if you had too much. 

Depending on the time of your arrival, you should know that there are two popular Croatian music festivals being held there on a yearly basis. Also, don’t miss the famous fishermen evenings where you have a chance to try out different varieties of fresh seafood. If you decide to go sightseeing, check out the local churches, the house complex Ilic and Definis, the catacombs and the sand beach in Livka bay

The taverns, pizzerias and restaurants in Sutivan are scattered throughout the place, offering seafood and autochthone meals based on someone's grandmothers recipes. And that’s not a joke, that’s a guarantee that the meal you are about to have will be extraordinary.

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