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Sumartin has its own harbor and is located on the southeast side on the island of Brač, a place that emanates with tranquility and very long pebbled beaches. The most interesting thing about the beaches in Sumartin is the fact they are quite hidden from the views of random passerby's. The same goes for the bays in Sumartin. The inhabitants of Sumartin have been perfecting their fishing and naval skills for some time now. Even today, there is a small shipyard in Sumartin, which is used for minor repairs and maintenance of boats. 

There are roughly 600 residents living in Sumartin who practice agriculture, viticulture, olive growing, fishery and tourism, the latter being the most important source of income. A ferry line runs through Sumartin so it's well connected with the rest of the Adriatic coast. The choice of food in Sumartin is quite diverse and would amaze even the most demanding gastronomic connoisseur. A wide choice of fresh fish is offered throughout all restaurants in Sumartin.


The intact environment that surrounds this sweet place provided motivation for production of honey, wine and cheese. When you pay a visit to Sumartin, do not miss the opportunity to take some of those products home with you. Entertainment in Sumartin is focused on diving, swimming, windsurfing and excursions to the rest of the island. Expectedly, there aren’t any nightclubs in Sumartin but if you head over to Zlatni Rat which is also located in Bol on Brač, you'll get plenty of chances to visit the local cocktail bar and nightclub. 

Accommodation in Sumartin is private. If you cant live without a hotel, then be sure to visit the former Novaković Hotel in Sumartin that was built in the late 20's but nobody really took good care of it and now it lays empty and ruined. The first thing to do when you visit Sumartin would be to take a have a casual stroll in order to get a feel of the place. There are many holiday villas in Sumartin with a rich history attached to them and most of them are available to the viewing public so it would be a sin to miss visiting them if you happen to find yourself there. Plenty of aristocrats and monks built their summerhouses there as well in order to enjoy the finer things in life towards the end of their own. Oh, and if you ever get stuck somewhere on the island and cant find you way back, call a taxi boat and you'll be on familiar territory in no time.

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