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This is where the fertile fields dive into the heavenly blue sea. Sukošan is a proud owner of a long and indented coast, ranging from the beautiful bay of "Zlatna Luka" to the natural complex Tustice. Beaches in Sukošan are both numerous and beautiful. There are many paths that go along those beaches that are ideal for strolls by the sea during the morning and especially in the evening. If you're one of those people that like to go sightseeing right after they settle down in one of the apartments in Sukošan, then do walk around the town of Sukošan. Its vineyards, olive gardens, aromatic herbs and the view of Sukošan, Marina, Pašman channel and the neighboring islands will mesmerize you.


Type of accommodation in Sukošan varies quite a bit. There is something in it for everyone. Weather you want luxurious accommodation or just a room in Sukošan, you'll be taken care of in no time. The folks are quite kind and hospitable and wont rip you off. Check out the Joso Motel in Sukošan and Belvedere Hotel in Sukošan. As far as food is concerned, there are so many restaurants in Sukošan, you'll be able to eat at a different one every day. However, don't limit yourself only to restaurants because the real gourmet gems are hidden in the local taverns.

Transport in Sukošan is really well organized which in turn makes this place quite connected with the rest of the world. The vicinity of Zadar, 5 national parks and 2 natural parks, the biggest marina in the Adriatic, vicinity of the airport and a good connection to the Adriatic highway make Sukošan rich in content, really accessible and yet not overcrowded.

Sukosan Croatia

Most of the people in Sukošan rely on tourism, agriculture, viniculture and olive growing as their main sources of income. If you are looking for entertainment in Sukošan, there are so many options, you wont be bored even for a second. Basketball, soccer, volleyball, hiking, windsurfing, fishing, diving, paintball and rafting are just some your activities being offered there. We don't even think we covered half of the activities in Sukošan. The conditions to go sailing are perfect because the winds are quite appropriate for this particular activity yet not harsh while you're relaxing on the beach. The marina in Sukošan is considered to be a true haven for the nautical travelers because it can take up to 1200 moorings on the sea and 500 on land. One tip: go rafting on river Zrmanja, the experience is insane.

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