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Stobreč is a small village on a peninsula east of Split. To be more precise, Stobreč is now considered to be the suburbs of Split. It situated on a location that used to be an antic village called Epetion. Roughly, the village is located around 7 kilometers from the famous Diocletian Palace in Split. The economy in Stobreč was based on agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing. 

Restaurants in Sobreč are a dime a dozen, all focusing on traditional Dalmatian cuisine. Considering the number of restaurants in Stobreč, the choice of foods is also incredible, even though most dishes are based on fish, shells and seafood in general. Make sure to check out the local taverns in Stobreč as well as they offer the finest meals prepared on old recipes, spiced with classic Dalmatian herbs. For all you boys and girls out there that just want to eat a pizza and get it over with, there are plenty of pizzerias for you to sink your teeth in as well. And yes, if you want some international beer, do check out the local pub in Stobreč, it will not disappoint you.


Entertainment in Stobreč is colossal, offering a several festivals throughout the summer and a myriad of activities to keep you occupied throughout your stay there. For instance, recreation in Stobreč revolves around golf, bowling, handball, tennis and basketball. Stobreč also provides fantastic conditions for sailing, fishing and rowing. Of course, no small village would be authentic without its own series of local fiestas, which are basically excuses to party through the summer. Believe it or not, there is also a nightclub in Stobreč, which means you can get down and boogey every night. 

There is plenty of accommodation in Stobreč so you don’t have to book months in advance. Most of the accommodation is private but if you prefer a hotel, do ask around for the Zvonimir Hotel in Stobreč. If you're a nature lover, check out the camp in Stobreč and bring a couple of sleeping bags with you. Plus, don’t be a stranger to holiday villas in Stobreč either as they are popping up like crazy lately.


Beaches in Stobreč are both rocky and sandy so there's a surface for everyone, especially if you have children that go nuts over sandcastles. The beaches in Stobreč are quite famous and many people that visit Split usually go there at least once during their vacation.

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