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Stari Grad

Stari Grad is a small town on the island of Hvar. It was founded as an ancient Greek city of Pharos in 384 BC. It is assumed that it was founded by Greek settlers from the island of Paros in the Aegean Sea. According to the historicist’s assumptions, it is possible that due to a very favorable position of Stari Grad, an older Illyrian settlement existed at that location, which means that this place could be older then what is known.

Since the establishment of the Hvar diocese in 1147 until the establishment of the city of Hvar, in the year 1278, Stari Grad was also the headquarters of the diocese, or in other words, the bishop has dwelt in Stari Grad. Twenty four centuries of recorded history have left visible marks on the face of Stari Grad. A simple walk throughout the city and surrounding area transforms into a unique encounter with the history.

The historic heart of the island of Hvar, ancient Pharos, was built on the place where the deep bay passes in the fertile island fields, the valley, which was since ancient times, planted with vines and olive groves. This is excellent news for gourmands since it provides an unique opportunity to enjoy some of worlds’ most delicious wine and olive oil, whether in restaurants in Stari Grad or at their hosts’ home (assuming they became friends).

Among numerous small squares in Stari Grad, the most picturesque is Škor. It looks like a theater scene (which it is during the summer cultural events). Surrounded by pine trees and always cooled by the summer breeze, Stari Grad is during summer days one of the most visited places on Croatian coast. Due to to its central position on the island, for centuries was a haven for seafarers. Today the bay of Stari Grad is a must-see place for sailors while sailing the Adriatic.

If you are interested in accommodation in Stari Grad, most of the guests look for apartments in Stari Grad to rent, or entire houses. There are beautiful holiday villas in Stari Grad, also. Old part of the city has been preserved in terms of traditional architecture, and as such is of great cultural value. Adapted stone houses offer stylish accommodation in the spirit of ancient times, in successful blend of modern and traditional. However, majority of the private homes are located on the north side of the bay, at the foot of the hill Glavice.

You will be able to rent a room in Stari Grad, in case your visit will be a short one and yes, there are a few hotels, fancy and not so fancy, so it’s up to you to decide where you wish to stay.

The town itself is situated about a hundred meters from the famous beach in Stari Grad - Lanterna. This is where all the summer fun begins during the day. There are no nightclubs in Stari Grad, so it is quiet during night, however in surrounding area it is the opposite. Hvar is a famous party place, and a lot of celebrities come to spend their summer vacation there, both local and global ones.

Stari Grad is the ideal starting point for long walks and trips around the sunny and aromatic island of Hvar. We must not forget to mention many taverns and restaurants in Stari Grad where you can enjoy fabulous Mediterranean food and quality island wines, which will give you a vacation you will never forget.

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