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Soline Mlini

Soline is about 11 kilometers distant from Dubrovnik, the very beginning of the Adriatic. Soline represents an excellent choice if you chose Dubrovnik as your destination. You see, accommodation in Soline is free from thousands of tourists passing by your window each and every second for 24 hours a day. Accomodation in Soline has a specific purpose – to provide you with peace and quiet while at the same time allow you to have a party in your backyard; Dubrovnik being that backyard. 

Apartments in Soline are usually breathtaking. After all, if you have a small town filled with only 229 people, and barely 70 households, you are bound to have 70 houses armed with a magnificent view, stonewalls and fantastic cuisine. Apartments in Soline are only a click away and each household will offer you peace and quiet as Soline's main benefit. 

When I say household, I mean a holiday villa, because holiday villas in Soline are the only thing you should be looking for regarding private accomodation in Soline. Unlike Dubrovnik, nightclubs in Soline are non-existent and if you want a wild night, Dubrovnik is only a bus ride away so be sure to get a taxi or rent a car if you want to come back home at 3 a.m. 

Fortunately, restaurants in Soline are quite welcoming to their future guests and you have everything from pizzerias, bistros to upscale restaurant so you and your loved ones will hardly be disappointed by their cuisine. In fact, the pizza is even better in Soline than it is in Dubrovnik. As far as seafood is concerned, it is best to visit Dubrovnik for one hell of a meal. Think of Soline as a place to snack down before getting a real meal in the city. 

However, beaches in Soline are an entirely different story. You see, beaches in Dubrovnik are mostly overcrowded and tend to ruin Adriatic's fabulous atmosphere. That’s where Soline come in because the beaches in Soline are not that populated during the day and tend to provide a better natural environment for your relaxing pleasure. Soline looks and feels like a natural paradise and a perfect place to get away from it all.

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