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Šimuni is a small fishing village situated on the southwest coast of the island Pag between two island’s hubs, Novalja and Pag. Šimuni is spread over three natural coves. In the northern cove the ACI Marina Šimuni is located, a safe haven for all of you wild sea wolves.

The central cove is designed for fishing boats, and serves as a port, but also as the place where you can buy freshly caught fish which is a guarantee that the food in Šimuni is always fresh, a fact many restaurants in Šimuni like to emhpasize. There is nothing tastier than fresh fish grilled, but people in Dalmatia say its fish prepared on gradele. They like to keep it simple, so they grill the fish gradele style, sprinkle it with olive oil and garlic and serve with cooked swiss chard and tomato salad. So, ask for it while in Šimuni. They also like to accompany their meals with their home-made wine.

Actually, a couple of years ago, we were lucky to taste the best white wine in Šimuni. We are not sure if the guy who made it still lives, but his son Nedjeljko Fabijanic is very much alive, so if you ever find yourself visiting Šimuni, pay him a visit and ask for his father’s wine. Maybe he can help you with your accommodation in Šimuni as the guy rents apartments in Šimuni as well as rooms.

Another thing that this place is famous for is lamb – some would say the best lamb there is to find. If you don’t believe it, taste for yourself. You can ask Nedjeljko if you like. Surely, he knows everything about it as he breeds his own lamb. Or you can try it in one of the restaurants in Šimuni. But the experience is better at the local’s.

A holiday in Šimuni is ideal for families where they can enjoy walks and swimming at nearby beaches and you better believe it that beaches in Šimuni are extaordinary. There are no hotels in Šimuni which is perfect if you are looking for a peaceful holiday. Tourists rent apartments in Šimuni and majority of accommodation in Šimuni is private. However, there is a beautiful campsite in Šimuni, and we are not exaggerating when we say beautiful. It is located at the long sandy and slightly pebbly beach which will blow your mind. It is that awesome.

Nightclubs in Šimuni do not exist, which is fine, since the island of Pag has its own Ibiza, the Zrće beach, which is not very far from Šimuni. If you feel like partying, now you know where to go. So, relax on beautiful beaches in Šimuni during the day, and when the night falls put on your dancing shoes and party hard in Zrće. You will love your holiday in Šimuni!

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