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Selce is located in a picturesque bay, 35 km south of Rijeka, in one of the most beautiful parts of Adriatic coast. The mild climate allows a pleasant stay during all year. Clean, unpolluted air and clear blue sea with an average summer temperature of 23 ° C and the bathing season from May to October, make this place an ideal tourist destination. Refurbished, modernly equipped and beautiful beaches in Selce are ideal for family vacations.


Entertainment in Selce is concentrated around an active vacation. Diving center in Selce, together with diving school makes it interesting to sports lovers and adrenalin junkies. If you haven’t been under the sea you might want to consider doing it in Selce. It will be experience like no other.  Furthermore, water sports in Selce are very popular activity, so besides laying on the beach whole day, you can make your holidays in Selce even more enjoyable by engaging into these activities.

Selce has a lovely decorated promenade, ideal for evening strolls. Diverse cultural and sporting events (folklore concerts, art exhibitions, shows, festivals, sport fishing – to name a few) will make your stay in Selce unforgettable. Exploring local customs and meeting local people is the best you can do while there. Friendly locals will invite you to their homes to share a glass of their home-made wine. Dalmatians make really great wines, which you will find out, be it at one of the local’s home or at one of the many restaurants in Selce.

Selce beach

Rehabilitation in Selce, thanks to its climate, is focused on treating cardiovascular, rheumatic and respiratory illnesses. It is a famous resort for physical medicine and rehabilitation. Thermal spas in Selce are visited throughout the year from all over the Europe. We really hope that you don’t need this kind of treatment, but in case you do, it’s good to know where you can go.

Finding accommodation in Selce should not be a problem. There are five hotels in Selce where you can book your room. Most of the folks, however, stay at one of the apartments in Selce, because they prefer private accommodation. Selce is a place that has it all, so don’t be afraid that you will lack something. There are two lovely campsites in Selce, in case you are one of peeps who like being outdoor all the time. Of course, you can always rent a room in Selce, which is convenient if you are staying less than three days. All you have to do now is to come to Selce and enjoy your holiday!

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