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Saplunara is located on the southeast part of the island of Mljet. It is surrounded by a pine forrest and 4 beatiful sandy beaches. Accomodation in Saplunara is completely private. However, there aren’t that many households in Saplunara, maybe 10 tops. Consequently, the village has around 35 residents. However, the cuisine in Saplunara is extraordinary and it is obviously served solely by its residents. The owners of those private apartments in Saplunara will cook for you in the same manner they cook for themselves so there's one thing you can be sure about – the food in Saplunara brings out the most in people that visit it. 

The name "Saplunara" is derived from the latin word sabulum which means sand. Beaches in Saplunara are completely covered in sand and the best beaches on the island of Mljet are located right there in Saplunara. A beautiful sandy lagoon is basically a green oasis and a perfect place for relaxation. The bay is spread throughout the shore and is divided into Big Saplunara and Little Saplunara. 

The untouched nature in Saplunara combined with the soft sand, clear skies and blue sea is a guarantee for a pleasant and comfortable vacation. Just above the beach itself is a thick forest where you can run off and catch some shade when it gets really hot and spicy. Saplunara is the perfect vacation spot if you want to get away from your urban lifestyle. 

There aren’t any hotels in Saplunara itself because part of Saplunara has been declared a national park as it contains several critically endangered plant species. Thus, Saplunara is only a part of a vast ecological network. Entertainment in Saplunara revolves around swimming, relaxing and tanning. It’s the essence of Dalmatia condensed into one beach. 

Saplunara is easily accessible by car, a fact which made it more popular over the years and popularity is not something Saplunara really needs because over time people have degraded the valuable beach flora. Content-wise, the beach in Saplunara contains a mobile toilet, some deck chars and a beach bar called Mala. The beach in Saplunara is one of the cleanest beaches in Croatia and as such has been hailed throughout Europe. 

This place is really sought after so if you plan on staying overnight, please make sure to book a room, studio or regular apartment a couple of months in advance. Because holiday villas in Saplunara are scarce, last minute booking is simply not an option.

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