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No need to say that stating an exact price for restaurant food here in Croatia is literally impossible as many factors have an impact on the price, but from years of experience eating in lots of different restaurant troughout Croatia, this could at least give you a rough idea of the price level and what to bare in mind when you look for lunch or evening meal. 

Restaurants in the most frequented streets, like sea side promenades, are generally higher priced then the average restaurants and the food is not necessarily better, actually in some cases it is horrible, but for that you eat with a view. Often the really good places are “hidden” in small courtyards and best way to find the top spots is to have a look on the internet and see what other people recommend. – If you browse around on our city pages, we have listed some of the best restaurants in each town. 

Now to the prices, the prices I have stated below are the prices in an average good restaurant. The price range I state should reflect difference in the location, meaning that the lowest price is the one you would typically have in a “hard” to find courtyard restaurant and the highest prices reflect top location restaurant.

If you have a specific question about a restaurant, I can recommend to post the question on our Facebook Croatia page there is a fair chance that other fans have visited the specific restaurant

Restaurant Prices in Croatian Kuna:


Low price

High Price

Pizza (regular one person size)



Jumbo Pizza (3-4 persons)



Pasta dish (Bolognaise, Carbonara etc)



Salad side order (small mixed salad)



Salad main course (e.g. Chicken Salad)



Fish (dish)



Fish (Per kilo)






An interesting trend from a price perspective is that more and more restaurants now have started offering special priced menus or dishes, which in some cases are a real bargain. I have tried a few of the restaurant running this concept and have only positive to report about the quality of the food. So when you arrive at your holiday destination, you should for sure ask around to see if something like that is available.

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