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Primošten is certainly the most attractive tourist destination in the region. It is located 28km south from Šibenik. Primošten was once located on a little island in the immediate vicinity of the mainland – it still is, however, it has spread to the land, because the city has grown behind the boundaries of the island of course. It is surrounded by seven small islands. Unique in its beauty, Primošten leaves no one indifferent. What stingy nature did not provide, the hardworking people created themselves, and made Primošten one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic. It is known for its indigenous stone houses, churches and narrow streets that make a perfect harmony between the past and present – and of course, for its friendly people.

The rich history of Primošten can be traced back to the 7th century B.C. when the first inhabitants came to that area. The first time the name Primošten emerged was in year 1564. As we mentioned before, the town was located on the island, and it is bridged to the mainland. For this reason, the locals named the settlement Primošten, after the Croatian verb premostiti (to span). During the Turkish invasion in 1542, the island was surrounded by a wall with the towers and a movable bridge connected it to the mainland. When the Turks retreated the bridge was replaced by an embankment. The settlement received its present name in the year 1564.


The history of Primošten and its people tells stories of farming and ranching, as these were the main economic activities for a long period of time. Today Primošten is all about tourism, which started to develop in the mid-twentieth century. Primošten quickly become one of the leading tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast. Finding an accommodation in Primošten during the peak of the summer season in August can be a tough job, as some of us have learned, so the best thing you can do is to prepare in advance. And prepare to be fascinated with unique Mediterranean atmosphere, medieval architecture, narrow streets, crystal clear sea, sizzling crickets, shady pine forests and sunny beaches.

As for hotels in Primošten there are a couple to choose from. On the peninsula Raduša, north of town in a pine forest, there are hotels and pebbly beaches. We heard some good words about hotel Zora, so feel free to check it out. On the other hand, hotel accommodation in Primošten has something to offer even for those of you who like to spend their summer naked. There is a beach on the south side of Primošten at the foot of the hill Kremik, in a hidden cove, so you will have your privacy while enjoying a nude dip in the Adriatic.

Mostly these are small hotels, in the immediate vicinity of the town, at the best part of the coast surrounded with pine forests and almost every room in hotels of Primošten has a view of the sea and the beach. Beautiful beaches stretch along the entire peninsula, and there’s a walkway through the pine forest if you want to look for Mediterranean herbs to take home with. One side of the peninsula has a rocky beach, and the other side has beautiful pebble beaches.


Private accommodation in Primošten is very versatile. There are numerous rooms and apartments in Primošten that will make every tourist happy. There are also holiday villas in Primošten and in surrounding area, to rent. People in Primošten are very involved into tourism and everything that goes with it. They love their town and they will make you love it too. You can browse vivid, small shops and souvenir shops scattered around the streets or you can immerse into a summer sports atmosphere or look for entertainment in its many forms – for children or adults. The goal is to satisfy the guests and to provide them with unforgettable memories from Primošten.

Camping enthusiasts will also find their place in the summer throng as camping in Primošten has a lot to offer in this area also. We use to hear some people say that Primošten is a paradise for tourists who prefer camping. We haven't tried this one, as we are the one that prefer to see themselves in a hotel rather than a camp.

Besides tourism, Primošten is also known for its production of olive oil and wine. Primošten is home to famous Babić wine. Vines in this region are grown from 8th century B.C. You probably didn’t know this, but in thirties of the 20th century, the city of Paris was drinking wine and champagne from Šibenik regions. Since the mid-15th until the end of the 19th century with the inevitable ups and downs due to wars, growers and winemakers in the area of Šibenik County were European wine notables. At that time the wine from this area was exported in huge quantities to Italy, France and Austria. Šibenik was Croatian and European wine super-power. During the second half of the 20th century viticulture at the area of Šibenik was brought to the brink of ruin when industrialization begun.


So, besides drinking fine wine and enjoying delicious food before and after your dip in the Adriatic, what else can you do? Well, you can visit vineyards Bucavac if you are interested to see their unique composition. There is a tendency to include this vineyard into UNESCO World Heritage lists and if this actually happens, vineyards Bucavac will be the second vineyards in the world protected by UNESCO.

There are a couple of old churches such as St. George church from the 15th century, in the old part of Primošten. So, after a day of touring the old houses and churches, perhaps you will be interested in the opposite – partying. You will be happy to know that Primošten has one of the oldest and biggest and the best clubs in Croatia. Every party enthusiast from Croatia or the ones who visited Croatia with this intention knows about the Aurora club. We admit; we did spend our share of party hours in there. Fun times!

If you like to walk for hours, then you will enjoy walking the beautiful coastline of Primošten. After all, you do need some exercise after all that food and wine you had. Of course you can always go swimming, that’s the beauty of summer on the coast. And if you are not afraid, go diving, as this is the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful underwater worlds rich with caves, reefs, remnants of ships and who knows what else is hidden down there. You may even find a treasure of some sort. In past there were a lot of pirates passing through this area, on their way to Kornati where they liked to hide from the authorities.

Ah, Kornati.. This is one of the two national parks in the vicinity of Primošten that you need to visit. The other one is Plitvice. Both of these are unique in their beauty and both will leave you breathless. However, if you are like us and prefer the sea than you will fall head over heels for Kornati. But that’s another story to tell. Stay tuned and enjoy your time in Primošten!

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