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Povlja is a little seaside place on the island of Brač, right next to Sumartin. Every island in Croatia has a fair amount of old churches on it and it doesnt really matter if their active or not, over time they were built on practically every island. Brač is no different. After you find accommodation in Povlja you'll probably take a whole day for sightseeing, just to get a feel of the place. The picturesque churches are a pretty good place to start.


The beautiful beaches in Povlja provide breathtaking scenery for several surrounding bays. All beaches are mostly pebbled with a few sandy exceptions. Ideally, a family vacation in Povlja consists out of beach strolls, swimming, sunbathing; family dinners and casual 'get togethers'. It's perfect for families with small children.

After all that strolling around, you'll probably want to find a restaurant in Povlja and address your hunger issues. Most of the islands in the Adriatic offer similar cuisine, which is not a bad thing. On the contrary, you can be sure that wherever you eat in the Adriatic - the food will be outstanding. Gourmet specialties in Povlja are no different. Fabulous seafood dishes in combination with wines that are both rich in taste and flavor bring out the essence of the Mediterranean. If you get fed up with restaurants (or your kids do), don't worry - there are a couple of pizzeria's in Povlja so nobody goes home on an empty stomach.


Nightclubs in Povlja are non-existent. However, the island of Brač is not completely void of clubs and bars so there's something there for everyone, depending on your mode of transportation. Other types of entertainment in Povlja concentrate around sailing, diving, swimming, excursions and soccer. If you'd like to go on a tour of the entire island, you can always rent a scooter and buzz of through the pine-covered roads.

There are no hotels so there's no high-class comfort in terms of room service and a concierge to steer you in the right direction. Still there are plenty of holiday villas in Povlja that provide the outmost comfort to its guests, the locals make sure of that. All in all, over a 1000 beds await for your reservation.

One more piece of advice: if you happen to find yourself here, make sure you visit the dragon cave. And, if anybody asks - you didn't hear it from us.

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