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Most people say that Podgora lies in the very heart of the central Dalmatian Coast. Personally, I would call it the lungs of the Dalmatian Coast, specifically because of the clean environment and fresh air. Moreover, the beaches in Podgora are long and vary between gravel and sand so its impossible to find a really crowded beach or one where your children cant build sand castles. Podgora may seem a bit distant at first but it is quite well connected not only with the rest of Croatia but the world in general.

If you decide to go sightseeing in Podgora, you will run into a fair amount of churches demolished by the now infamous 1962 earthquake. The food in Podgora is extraordinary because its inhabitants have a long fishing tradition. Because of that fishing tradition, the harbor used to be overrun with fishing boats. However, over time, as tourism developed, tourist boats started to literally squeeze out the fishing boats. One of the most interesting facts about this place is that the Yugoslavian navy was actually founded here, in 1942.


When you do visit Podgora, you will be amazed at how much it has to offer. This is an extremely well organized community that really goes out of its way to satisfy the needs of people who frequent it. For instance, entertainment in Podgora is plentiful and vibrant throughout the summer. Festivities are being held almost in a daily basis throughout the summer and for that reason accommodation in Podgora is also booming.

Other than holiday villas in Podgora, in which you can rent apartments or rooms, there are at least 6 hotels in which you can boo rooms or suits. Most people highly recommend the Minerva and Mediteran Hotel, so do check out those two. There are more than a few restaurants as well; a couple of them are located in the mentioned hotels, while most of them are stand alone restaurants that offer exceptional sea dishes and a hefty wine list. Make sure you don't miss on their organically grown fruits and vegetables either because the soil in Podgora has been known for its fertility for quite some time.


For other types of accommodation in Podgora, do visit the Camp Adriatic Sutikla, which offers accommodation at a reasonable price for all you adventurous people out there. Oh, and even though there is plenty of sea, swimming pools are available in the aforementioned hotels as well.

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