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Podaca is a small tourist village located on the south part of Makarska, right beneath Biokovo, distant from Makarska itself by 35 kilometers. The village is divided into three smaller villages: Kapeć, Viskovića vala and Ravanje.  When you visit Podaca, the first thing you'll notice is that the place was built under the stone hills of Biokovo. The place has a rich history, dating all the way back to the Romans. Around the 7th century, Croatians inhabited Podaca where they fought off the Venetians. 

Today, this little village is a tourist destination with around 650 inhabitants who mainly rely on tourism as their main source of income.  Therefore, accommodation in Podaca is mostly private. There are no hotels in Podaca but if you're only looking for rooms, you can still find plenty of those in holiday villas and summerhouses. And there are around 300 beds in the tourist village called Morenia so check out that place as well. Still, if you love nature to a point where you don’t have a problem sleeping in it, then definitely have a hander at the Uvala borova Auto camp in Podaca.


The Adriatic has a huge indented coast, which makes all of the beaches quite breathtaking and comfortable. The same is with beaches in Podaca, which are beautiful and surrounded by pine trees. If you, by any chance, find yourself sunbathing and all of a sudden get food cravings, then don’t worry – most of the restaurants in Podaca are located right next to the beaches, offering a true Mediterranean atmosphere, phenomenal Dalmatian dishes and a spectacular view of the Adriatic. 

Entertainment in Podaca is based mostly on swimming, sunbathing, daily excursions and fishing. If you're looking for nightclubs in Podaca, we advise you to drive for about 35 kilometers to Makarska to satisfy most of your clubbing cravings. The same goes for a bit fancier restaurants, café bars and crowded events. Podaca was never really a place for the wild and young, it was more of a romantic destination best suited for families and couples.


All in all, accommodation in Podaca won't be a problem, considering the amount of rooms, apartments and the local auto camp. When you settle down and rest, we advise you to take a walk around Podaca to get a feel of the place, check out some of the oldest churches in Croatia, have a meal at one of the local restaurants and do try their local wine and olive oil, its heaven for the taste buds.
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