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Pisak is a small fishing village located about 16 kilometers from Omiš. It’s a picturesque little place with an intense gourmet offer. For instance, even though it provides residence for barely 250 people, there is a fair amount of café bars and restaurants in Pisak. While on the subject of restaurants in Pisak, it is vital to emphasize that you should try raw oysters when you go there because they have this tradition of dragging them directly from the sea onto your plate so be sure to taste some of that Mediterranean freshness.


Swimming and sunbathing is possible on a number of excellent beaches in Pisak, something that the village is particularly proud of. After all, you rarely get a chance to switch from sand to gravel and then to pebbles in just a couple of steps. It’s a perfect playground for the children and ideal for a family vacation. If you're up for some entertainment in Pisak, the offer is pretty diverse for such a small village. Boat renting in Pisak is one option to consider when visiting this little gem of a village. Other than that, be sure to try diving in Pisak as well as sailing and surfing. 

The food in Pisak is traditionally Dalmatian and best of all – its really not that complicated. The restaurants in Pisak serve simple and excellent seafood dishes in a traditional Mediterranean manner. Basically, the restaurants in Pisak don’t like to overdo it but at the same time they have indeed mastered their cooking skills to a point of perfection. Other than that, be sure to check out the local taverns in Pisak as well as those are the places that serve home cooked meals at very decent prices.


If, by any chance, you are not a fan of restaurants in Pisak, be sure to check out the local supermarket as well as the local market that offers fresh produce and fresh fish on a daily basis. If you're up for a café bar, there are plenty to choose from so don’t miss another part of Croatian tradition – sit around, have coffee and just not give a damn. Accommodation in Pisak is entirely private and there are many holiday villas in Pisak that offer private accommodation so you don’t have to book your stay a couple of months in advance. As far as nightclubs in Pisak are concerned, you'll have to go that extra mile and visit Makarska or Omiš that hold enough nightclubs to for the entire county. 

When in Pisak, be sure to visit a natural phenomenon called Vrulja, which is basically a source of cold fresh water. There are a lot of beaches in the vicinity of Vrulje which can take up to only two people so its perfect for that intimate vacation with your loved one.

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