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Osijek is a city in eastern Croatia. It is located in the valley on the right bank of the river Drava. It is the largest city in Slavonia, the fourth largest city in Croatia and the seat of Osijek-Baranja County. The city is the industrial, administrative, judicial and cultural center of eastern Croatia with population of approximately 115,000 residents.

Osijek is a large Croatian industrial center. It used to be industrialized perhaps even more than Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and people used to call it the Croatian Manchester. Numerous well-known Croatian brands, ranging from small household appliances are produced in Osijek.

The tourist offer of the city of Osijek is truly special and diverse. The diversity and richness of cultural heritage, valuable historical sites, beautiful parks, preserved and protected nature in the immediate vicinity of the city and culinary peculiarities of Osijek, all make Osijek a truly unique place. Specialties of Slavonian cuisine can be tasted in Osijek's famous restaurants. Visitors usually stay at one of the beautifully decorated hotels in Osijek. When in Osijek, you should not miss Tvrdja – the old town. It is a historical town of Osijek, the remains of the former fortress, which has gradually grown into urban area. Austrian military authorities have built it after the liberation from the Turks in 1687, as a military district headquarters and important defense point of the southeastern part of the empire.

Osijek is the largest cultural center of Slavonia. The first theater performances were held in Osijek, during the baroque period in the 18th century and the first theater building, the Croatian National Theatre, was built in 1866.

Finindg accommodation in Osijek is definitely not a problem since it is a relatively large city. The offer is diverse. There are numerous hotels in Osijek ranging from modest ones to luxurious ones. You might be interested in hostels in Osijek, and there are some pretty lovely and cheap ones. Naturally, for all of you who would like to rent an apartment in Osijek, there are plenty to choose from. Private accomodation in Osijek is at high demand, as well as in other parts of Croatia. Finally, there are also rooms in Osijek to rent which can be convenient if you are just passing by.

While in Osijek, you might want to try out some of the famous dishes of Slavonia cuisine at one of the numerous restaurants in Osijek. The food is not so light as in Dalmatia, however, it wouldn't be fair to compare these as they are completely different and uniquely delicious. So, enjoy!

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