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Novigrad (Cittanova)

Novigrad in IstriaThe area of Novigrad was already inhabited in ancient times, which we can see from many monuments and archaeological sites. In written documents, Novigrad is also mentioned as Civitas Nova in IX century, and Emona, Emonia, Aemonia in XII century. Novigrad is situated on a little peninsula and has very fertile lands behind itself. That's why it had been on the crossroads of historical events. The City was the most powerful from VIII to IX century when it enters European culture under the rule of Prince John, but because of the illnesses and wars it stagnated from XVI – XVII century. Novigrad was under Byzantine, French, German, Venetian, Napoleonian, Austro-Hungarian and Italian influence throughout the history which can be seen in many historical buildings.

The city is situated on north-west coast of Istrian peninsula, 25km from the boarder of Slovenia. It has around 4 000 inhabitants. Most of them are Croats, but there are also lots of Italians, Serbs, Albanians, Slovenians, etc.

Accommodation in the city:

In Novigrad there are 4 hotels, Hotel Maestral (4 stars), Hotel Nautica (4 stars), Hotel Laguna (3 stars) and Hotel Emonia (1 star), a few campsites in the area and a few pensions. But the most common type of accommodation in Novigrad is of course private apartments which can be found all over the city and around it.

In the surrounding area a number of luxury villas with pool can be found.


Things to see - sights in Novigrad:

When you’re in Novigrad, you most certainly must see the following:

City harbour Mandrač – throughout the history its had been the centre of Novigrad’s life when it was a small fisherman village. It remained a fishing port and it continued to connect people to the sea. It is now the most important symbols of Novigrad.

The Gallerion – in its exhibits, it is possible to see old navies of Austro-Hungarian empire, thr world’s most important shipbuilders in that time.

The Patrician Palace Rigo – it  belonged to th Rigo family. For century they were on the most important positions in the city and were representatives of city nobility. This building is example of “central European Baroque”. Today, on its ground, there is the Rigo gallery with contemporary art inside.


Old town centre – inside the city walls, you can find many interesting sights to see, such as sarcophagus from the early Christianity in Novigrad’s diocese park, buildings with Gothic elements from Venice influence, a late Gothic biforium, a few medieval churches, etc.

Among other sights and buildings, don’t miss to see city walls, Lapidarium museum with collections from early Middle ages including the well-preserved Mauritius ciborium from the end of the 8th century, a rare example of Early Carolingian art in the region, the Bell tower, Church of  St Pelagius and St Maximilian and many many more.

Where to eat in the city:

In Novigrad and in its area, there are many restaurants, pizzerias and snack-bars. Just as in the other cities in Istria and other part of Croatian seaside, there are many restaurants offering typical dishes from sea food such as fish, squids, crabs, shells, etc combined with a very special taste of olives, but also dishes with little bit more Istrian continental taste with for example truffles. Istrian wine is also very famous, especially Malvazija and Pinnot.

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