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Mlini got its name thanks to the mills that were built on streams that run through the place itself. Mlin means "mill" when translated from English to Croatian. Most of the economy that keeps this sweet place alive and kicking is based on tourism, hospitality and fishery. Beaches in Mlini are mostly sandy with only a few exceptions. 

Accomodation varies between hotels, apartments and holiday villas. For instance, there are two hotels in Mlini (Hotel Mlini and Hotel Astarea) and these employ most of the local folk there. The rest of the accommodation in Mlini relies on private accommodation such as private apartments and rooms. Private rooms are practically your last resort if you can't find an available apartment in holiday villas in Mlini

Excursions from Mlini are also possible because there is a small harbor in Mlini which enables tourist boats to arrive and depart from there. The amount of natural water sources in Mlini is what's really special about this place. These water sources used to be the running power of the local mills, so you can imagine that the place itself is quite picturesque. Today, these water sources serve mainly as a tourist attraction and most people go there to freshen up after a long stroll through the woods. 

Mlini Croatia

There are no nightclubs in Mlini and there is nothing surprising about that at all. After all, if you're eager to get any amount of entertainment in Mlini, you'll be advised to go to Dubrovnik, which is only 8 km away and is well connected via a bus route, with buses passing through Mlini every 30 minutes. 

As far as food and restaurans in Mlini are concerned, be sure to check out the local duck specialties, as that's what Mlini is most famous for. Because, what once was a small fishing village is now a village filled with ducks, believe it or not. However, the people there have gone far beyond Duck L'Orange and have a couple of autochthone recipes ready to amaze even the most demanding tourists. 

Entertainment in Mlini is mostly concentrated around swimming, sunbathing and casual strolls by the coast. People that go there mostly look for some peace and quiet, and a decent view. And that, along with duck specialties, is exactly what they are getting. Don't worry about lack of fun though. After all, if you want to step up from the entertainment in Mlini, you can always have a wild night in Dubrovnik.

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