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Marušići (or Mimice) are a peaceful and sweet little place located about 12 kilometers south of Omiš and 40 kilometers from Split. The beaches in Marušići are graveled and sandy with long banks ideal for children. Little bays offer quiet and hidden bathing areas ideal for families and couples. Rich Mediterranean vegetation and a well-kept natural habitat of the sea and mountains will convince you that a vacation in Marušići was the only reasonable choice.


The vicinity of the river Cetina and the massive mountains of Biokovo provide an atmosphere that doesn’t really resemble any other village in Croatia. The food is truly exceptional because the fruits, vegetables and viniculture are not only organically grown but the terrain on which they're grown is extremely fertile which in turn makes them really rich in flavor. Whichever restaurant in Marušići you choose to visit, the food will always come from that same source so you can't go wrong. There are plenty of grocery shops as well, which offer fresh produce on a daily basis. Our advice would be to visit the smaller ones because the supermarkets don’t get their food from the mountains of Biokovo, that’s for sure. 

The graveled and sandy beaches in Marušići are the main attraction of this place, not only because of their beauty but also because of the variety of water sports being offered there. And that’s pretty much the basis of entertainment in Marušići. For a tryout of your mountaineering abilities – the canyon of river Cetina should do the trick. Either climb it or go rafting on it – you can't go wrong either way. If you decide to look for a nightclub in Marušići, your best bet would be to take a 15km ride to Omiš and dwell into a world of pirates, klapa's and restaurants. The stone architecture and the Mediterranean atmosphere wont leave you lukewarm, to say the least. 


Even though it has a lot to offer, accommodation in Marušići is entirely private. Still, there are a couple of places calling themselves hotels in Marušići. But these are mostly houses with several apartments, certainly not hotels. Basically, you can choose weather you would like to stay in a room or in a holiday villa in Marušići; it really depends on your own preference. There is also small market, a post office, a church and a couple of historical monuments for you to check out.

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