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Medulin is located in the south of Istria, 8 kilometers east of Pula. Every visitor coming to Medulin will find a true oasis of peace and tranquility, rich landscapes of the Mediterranean, but at the same time one can spend a very dynamic and active holiday. Medulin is famous for its classical music concerts that take place during the summer months. With approximately forty restaurants this place is a real challenge for every gourmand, whether they liked it contemporary or traditional, serving seafood, meat or vegetarian.

Once a fishing village, today a modern tourist resort, Medulin offers a dynamic and eventful vacation for everyone. In Medulin everything is focused on tourism. Actually, to be more precise, the focus is on their guests.


Given the large number of Neolithic findings, as well as the remains from the Bronze and Iron Age it is considered that this area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Medulin is first mentioned in year 1150. The next century will bring many of the devastation, disease, and emigration of the population and it wasn't until during the 17th century that Medulin experienced significant economic development as influenced by the strong power of the great Venice and by settling of Croats in this area. Well preserved remains of old civilizations are a constant target of curious tourists in search of new knowledge and insights of history.

For those who prefer a natural beauty at their disposal is the National Park Brijuni or the indispensable nature of Rt Kamenjak Park, located in the heart of the Medulin Riviera. In the immediate vicinity of Medulin, the city of Pula is located, with its unique, ancient monuments, among which the most famous is amphitheater of Vespasian in the first century. Triumphal Arch, the Temple of Augustus and a small Roman theater are also there telling stories of great victories of Roman Empire. You will find it interesting to know that Brijuni, which was a favorite retreat of late Yugoslavian president Tito, on several occasions hosted the Emperor Franz Joseph and Queen of England. That place is truly amazing and unique and you really do have to see it to believe it.

Istria is the most popular camping destinations in Croatia. However, Medulin Riviera is one of the most popular. This flattering epithet was given to it because of a very attractive location and because of versatile offer - you can choose between textile and nudity, the large campus with lots of content or a small family places where everyone knows everyone. You could have your mobile home deep under the shade of ancient pines and bare rock on the edge of the sea, which is irresistible for many of us.


One of the most beautiful beaches in Istria and Croatia are on the Medulin Riviera. Medulin beaches are truly enchanting in their beauty and in their diversity. At 80 km of indented coastline, there are typically Istrian sand, gravel and rocky beaches. You will also find yourself admiring bare rocks on which there is no shelter from the summer heat and you will love it, because the atmosphere of the place is so Mediterranean and so relaxed. The shade of old pines whose branches stretch above sea level will be your sanctuary when you wish to remove yourself from that gorgeous sun. The southwestern beaches of Istria offer something for everyone: you will find a surfer or a group of sailors enjoying the strong breeze which usually blows in the afternoon, children who carelessly build towers and various figures in the sand or a group that just dives into the deep blue in search of ancient wrecks. You will probably want to take a mountain bike ride-along the magical coast of the Cape Kamenjak with occasional refreshing in its crystalline waters.

As for accommodation in Medulin, there is everything you can think of. Medulin, as well as most other places in Istria, has hotels categorized with two, three and four stars, the average size of 400 beds with all the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay. Hotels in Medulin vary in quality, and most hotels can be booked online so that’s where you should do your research. There are luxury hotels and holiday villas in Medulin, and there are modest places for those who are on a budget. Besides these, there are also several small, family-run hotels that offer an intimate and special atmosphere.

There are a great number of beds in private accommodation in Medulin. This versatile offer allows anyone to find accommodation of their choice, whether it will be a room, a studio apartment, a whole house or apartment for rent. Many of us prefer this kind of accommodation so you will be happy to know this about apartments in Medulin.

Nature lovers, on the other hand, prefer campsites where they can relax in the shade of trees. There are a lot of camps in Medulin, as this place is well known for camping.

In Medulin, the climate is ideal for winter training, so many athletes, especially football players come to train and prepare themselves for matches. The average daily temperature in January is 6.2 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for sport and recreation. In April and May it is average 11 to 16 degrees which is ideal for biking or perhaps horse riding in the lowland area.

You will discover the delights of local cuisine - crab salad, black risotto or stew. If you prefer a meat menu, then Istrian prosciutto is the right thing for you. If you like pasta, choose pasta with veal sauce or perhaps aromatic specialties prepared with the famous truffles.

Go fishing with local fishermen or dive into the underwater world. Do not miss the old windmills by the sea, Vižula archaeological site with remains of Roman villas or walk to the Medulin pond with ducks. The selection is versatile and it is all up to you, whether you want your holiday to be lazy or active.

Istria is truly amazing, and Medulin as its part is a place that has so much for you to discover that you might wish to stay there for good.

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