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Marina is both a village and a harbor in the inner part of the Marina bay. It is about 12 kilometers distant from Trogir and 1090 hardworking people inhabit it. The coast of the bay is naturally indented. Therefore, sandy and gravel beaches in Marina are literally everywhere. Smaller yachts can find refuge in the small harbor because the harbor itself is protected from all possible winds. Bigger yachts may anchor on the very end of the bay.

Tourism is a big thing here and the folks are quite kind and welcoming. After you book you accommodation in Marina, take some time to explore its history. The first thing you'll notice when you visit Marina will be the picturesque fortress that completely dominates the place. And guess what? You can book it! That’s right, not only is that the most interesting hotel in Marina, its one of the most exquisite places in the Adriatic. During the 15th century, it used to be a summerhouse for the bishops of Trogir. The fortress is also embedded in the county's coat of arms. That’s not the only hotel however and if you prefer private accommodation do check out the holiday villas as well.


Marina's inhabitants owe a lot to the sea, as they were all once fishermen and sailors. However, today, tourism in Marina is pretty much the main source of income for these people. The harbor has around 120 moorings and is quite an attractive destination for nautical tourists. The olive gardens are scattered throughout the place and olive growing has become a lucrative occupation here as well. If you're looking for entertainment in Marina, check out the local donkey races – they are hilarious. You wont find any nightclubs here because you don’t really go clubbing if you visit a place like this. However, you will get some peace of mind – that’s a guarantee.


Restaurants offer food based on traditional recipes made exclusively on extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality. The beaches are pebbled and really close to the accommodation facilities so you wont be forced to take long drives to reach the water. People there usually enjoy swimming, diving and sailing so that’s pretty much all you can expect from this charming little place. If you decide to go sightseeing, learn about Marina's history a little bit and visit the three churches: St. Jakov, St. Ivana and, of course – St. Marina.

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