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Lovište is a small little harbor that lies on the very end of the Pelješac peninsula. It is 17 kilometers distant form the village of Orebić and is well connected with villages Ston, Viganj and Kućište. Korčula is only 15 minutes by boat and Dubrovnik can take up to two hours by boat but the trip itself is quite worth it. There is an aquatorium in Lovište as well, which shelters protected sea grass such as Posidonia and shells called Periska, which can be found exclusively in extremely clean waters. Periska is also illegal and can be sold on the black market for a hefty amount of money. However, if you're caught, the fines are definitely not worth the trouble. 

The natural life is quite rich and well protected. Animals are free to roam the island and frequent Lovište all the time. So, don’t be surprised if you catch a couple of bunnies spying on you, seagulls lurking from the rooftops or owls singing in the moonlight. 

Entertainment in Lovište revolves around local fiestas. But don’t worry, there are so many fiestas you wont even think about clubbing in Lovište. You'll barely find your way home after you attend a couple of those. Lovište is like one big tribe party just making up fiestas as they go along and creating excuses for wild nights on a weekly basis. Be sure to have a couple of hangover recipes because once you cut those brakes, the fun in Lovište is about to hit the roof. 

As far as food in Lovište is concerned, you have to look no further. People that visit Pelješac are advised to go strait to Lovište if they want gourmet specialties on a daily basis. There are six taverns and restaurants in Lovište, all include jaw dropping menus and meals based on one hundred year old recipes. You'll never get enough of seafood and wine in the taverns as they offer the best choice of fish and shells on the peninsula. 

Accomodation in Lovište is private, containing well-equipped guesthouses, private apartments and rooms for rent. Apartments in Lovište are well worth the trouble so be sure to make your reservation at least two months in advance. If you fail to find and book any of those, the village offers plenty of camping possibilities in the local auto camp so you don’t have to worry about accommodation in Lovište even if you arrive there in the middle of the night. One word of advice though, don’t step on the endangered herbs that grow all over the place.
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