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Tourism of Labin is often associated with its sea companion - Rabac, which is located on the eastern coast of Istria. This once small fishing village, became transformed into a famous tourist destination. Because of the low white pebble beaches, lush  Mediterranean vegetation and crystal clear turquoise sea it is often called the "pearl of the Adriatic". It is an ideal place for a family vacation during the summer months as well as in spring and autumn. Both Labin and Rabac work as a team, and present an oasis of peace for the mind and body.

So, on the hill above Rabac lies the medieval town of Labin, whose old name of Albona was first mentioned in 285 AC. The birthplace of Matthias Flacius, the reformer and collaborator of Martin Luther, (Matthias Flacius Illyricus (Croatian: Matija Vlačić Ilirik was a Lutheran reformer from Istria) it is the cultural and administrative center. It so charmingly combines the rich cultural and architectural heritage with a number of art ateliers. This picturesque town is situated on a hill 320 meters high, which is only about 3 kilometers from the sea. It was, apparently, inhabited as early as 2000 BC. The remains of one of the castles from the Bronze Age, Kunci, is located in the vicinity of Labin. Its old name Albona or Alvona is of the Illyrian Celtic origin, and it seems that the Celts established it in the fourth century BC. According to historians Albona in the Celtic language means „city on the hill“ or  „high place“.


After walking the streets of Old Town, visit the Town Museum with its unique setup in this part of Europe. Take a peek into the art ateliers, enjoy the view of Rabac and Cres island from the Fortress city and see what the small, elegant shops have to offer. Refresh yourself on the terrace of a cafe bar and absorb the culture as these are places where everyone meets for a chat or gossip over a cup of coffee.

Labin is an old mining town also. You can visit hallways of the real old mine in Labin! People have made it some sort of museum so everyone can explore the rich history of Labin. The main town square, will delight you with exceptionally preserved loggia of the 16th century. Actually, while walking in the old town you will discover many other details that will blow your mind!

The period from 1961 to 1971 was a period of intensive construction of accommodation facilities in Labin. Most of the hotels in Labin are actually situated in Rabac as these two are so connected. We could say that Rabac is the neighbourhood of Labin. Tourist often look for apartments in Labin and Rabac to rent. The surrounding area has beautiful beaches for you to explore. There aren't campsites in Labin, but there are many nearby.  Also, the whole Istria has become famous for its stone villas, so naturally there are holiday villas in Labin also. There are also small family hotels in Labin, actually, in Rabac, but it's all the same.

Labin Church in old town

Labin, as well as many other Istrian towns, is hiding taverns that prepare the most delicious specialties. The famous Istrian cuisine is something that you won't be able to forget.

If you wish to party after a fine meal, you should start in some of the local bars in Labin and then continue in Rabac as there are many events and festivals that take place during the summer.

Whatever you do, rember the explore the cuisine of the Istria, as this is its crown jewel. Taste the wine, there are many wine roads out there, and the Istrian wines are famous all over the world. That's our advice.

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