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Korcula_marinaKorčula is an island in South Dalmatia it is the 6th biggest island in Croatia. The tree biggest towns on the island are the city Korčula which is also the “capital”, Blato and Vela Luka. Some claim that one of the houses in Korčula city was the places where, the famous explorer Marco Polo was born, other consider it more likely that parts of his family was from here. 

Korčula Island was inhabited already in prehistory. The oldest findings on the island from Vela Spilja dates back to the older Stone Age. First, the island was a Greek colony, then Illyrian then Roman, later Venetian and finally Slavic. Today it has about 16 200 residents, which makes it the second most populated island in Croatia, but like other island Korčula also have the problem that the population is decreasing. 

The island is known for Moreška, a traditional sword dance which stands for a battle between Christians and Moslems. This is not an authentic local activity, but it is only here that it has survived. The city of Korčula is situated on the north-east side of the island. It is the administrative, cultural and economic center of the island with about 3000 inhabitants. 

Tourism on the island started developing in the 19th century. The first public beach was decorated in 1904 in the city of Korčula and the first travel brochure was printed in 1914 in Vienna in several languages. After World War II modern tourism started developing: numerous hotels, camps and other facilities were built.

Accommodation on island Korcula:

The island offers all kind of accommodation. First of all, there are numerous hotels of all categories. If you prefer to stay in private accommodation on Korcula you can find family houses, villas, apartments and rooms. In Korcula town you have some nice apartments in the old town part, in Lumbarda you, the place with the best beaches on Korcula you have hotels and lots of private accommodation to choose between. in several on the bays around the island you can find villas with pool and apartments house with pool. In the cities Blato and Vela Luka, main part of accommodation available is private apartments.


What to see and what to do?

When you visit the island you can see the house in which Marco Polo might have been born. It is situated in the city of Korčula north of the cathedral of St. Marc. As already mentioned, Moreška is a sword dance which is only preserved in the city of Korčula although it used to be performed in the whole Mediterranean. Besides the cathedral of St. Marc from the 14th century, you can see ancient buildings, 9 churches in the old part of the town, the city walls and fortresses and two ancient entrances, Kopnena Vrata (Mainland Gate) and Morska Vrata (Sea Gate).

In the city of Vela Luka there is a cultural center which contains valuable archeological collections from the nearby Neolithic finding and a collection of contemporary art.

To fulfill your stay, you can enjoy numerous activities like cycling, walking, diving, paintball, Jet Ski and others. 

Numerous trips can be organized from the island: to the National park Mljet, the city of Dubrovnik, the island of Hvar and other islets around Korčula.

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Where to eat:

Restaurants on the island offer very often local specialties prepared in a traditional way. Most often lamb, mutton and goat are prepared as well as pršut. Even more often fish is prepared, especially the blue fish, sardines and pilchard. Olive oil is one of the main ingredients. Wine growing is very well developed on the island, typical wines are pošip, rukatac, grk and plavac.

How to get to Korcula:

Island Korcula is connected to the mainland with a frequent car ferry between Korcula city and Orebic on Pelješac. A small Catamaran from Split also arrives in Korcula city.

From Vela luka there is car ferry and a Catamaran to split

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