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Komiža is a small fishing town, located maybe ten kilometers from the town of Vis. It is situated right beneath the hill of Hum, on the southeastern part of the island of Vis. This town really has a lot of charm and believe us – you wont be disappointed with its rich cultural history. The same goes for food in Komiža, it's out of this world.

Before we dwell into stories about restaurants in Komiža, we have to emphasize the importance of "komiška pogača" which should be at the very top of your "things to eat list" when you get there. While you casually stroll around, check out the fishing museum in Komuna (a renaissance tower from the 16th century) and numerous churches – which are an essential part of sightseeing in Komiža.


Entertainment in Komiža starts with daily excursions to islands of the surrounding archipelago. Places that are really worth the visit are the island of Biševo with its famous Modra Špilja, Svetac – a habitat of the Mediterranean bear, volcano island Jabuka and Brusnik  - and a myriad of small islands. Accommodation in Komiža is suitable for all types of guests and is mostly private. However, room service is always tempting so choosing the Biševo Hotel is a wise choice if you're looking for that extra comfort during your stay.

The beaches in Komiža are mostly graveled and located in the vicinity of the town center. This means you don't really need to come down here with a car, most of the town is available by foot. A bus line and private vans connect Komiža with Vis. This town is inhabited by about 1700 people who mostly rely on tourism as their main source of income.


For an active vacation in Komiža, most people turn to paragliding activities organized by the Kaleb klub. There's also the bocce club that promotes this autochthone game throughout the year. The game is quite similar to golf but still dynamic enough to break a sweat.

The weather here is excellent, which means that the sunbathing season begins in May and ends in November, officially making it the longest summer in Croatia. Mild and sunny winters prolong the tourist visits as well, which means that restaurants and holiday villas are flourishing throughout the year. We advise you to take advantage of that and visit Komiža at least twice during the year. Plus, the summers are never steaming hot because of the soothing Maestral wind.

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