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Koločep, or Kalamota as the locals call it, is a picturesque little island only 5 kilometers distant from Dubrovnik. Even though it's technically a part of Dubrovnik, it represents everything that Dubrovnik isn't. For instance, the beaches in Koločep are not overcrowded or filled with dozens of deck chairs and beach bars. The atmosphere in Koločep is felt through the breeze that carries the smell of oranges, olives and salty sea. Then, when you continue your stroll through the wonderful coast, you are at first confused by the palm trees and then taken back by the crystal blue Adriatic sea. 

Transportation in Koločep is very well organized with ferries that sail between the island and Dubrovnik at least ten times a day. Two sandy bays in Koločep are connected by a delightful 3 kilometers long promenade. Additionally, there are at least 10 kilometers of forest trails in Koločep, with many hidden bays. One of the specialties in Koločep is the Blue Cave accessible exclusively by boat, or your own swimming skills. 

Koločep used to have a shipyard back in the day; around the time Columbus sailed around the world. Actually, two of the Columbus crewmembers were famous sailors from Koločep. Archeological remains in Koločep dated back to Napoleon. Horticulture in Koločep is quite developed as well because its famous islander Pasko Baburica financed it himself for 40 years. Today, the islanders mostly rely on fishing and developing squid recipes to the point of perfection. 

Drinking in Koločep is a must as they developed a couple of special brands of Rakija over the years. The production of rakija actually became embedded with Koločeps inhabitants. One traditional way of having fun in Koločep is to get a couple of bottles of rakija and go night fishing. Famous foods in Koločep include their autochthone cheese and yogurt. Be sure not to mix all of the above at the same time. 

Accommodation in Koločep is actually quite diverse. They have a hotel in Koločep called Hotel Vila Koločep so make sure to start with your booking expedition there. It was renovated in 2005 and categorized with three stars. The rooms in Hotel Vila Koločep are practical and comfortable with an Internet connection and a video store. Free Internet access in Koločep is available all over the island, which enables its guests to stay in touch with the outside world. The rest of the accommodation in Koločep relies on holiday villas and private rooms. 

Entertainment in Koločep consists out of sailing, canoeing and excursions to the neighboring islands.

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