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Island Ugljan

Ugljan is one of the most picturesque islands in the Zadar archipelago. It lies opposite to Zadar from which it is separated by only a few miles wide Channel of Zadar. The island is connected with the mainland by the busiest ferry line on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic. This is always green island, whose surface is covered with olive groves, idyllic coves and picturesque fishing ports. It has been tied to the sea, sailing and fishing throughout its history. More than 2000 years of tradition of olive processing has left thousands of olive trees that produce oil of exceptional quality. Island Ugljan is naturaly beautiful environment that offers peace and relaxation, hot summer days and unforgettable nights for moments of enjoyment.

Ugljan Island is inhabited since the Neolithic Age. The first known name of the island comes from Pliny, who says: "Contrary to Zadar is Lissa." In the Middle Ages the island was named St. Michael. The name of Ugljan is relatively new. This name actually represents the main product of the island, olive oil. Most of the inhabitants of the island, around 7,500 of them, are mainly engaged in the processing of olives, fishing and of course tourism. Archaeological findings in a place called Muline confirm processing of olives and oil production that took place more than 2000 years ago.

Villages have settled along the east side of the island in bays. The best known are Preko, Kukljica, Kali and Ugljan. The other side of the island is steep and uninhabited. However, people have built stone houses there and some of them can be rented. If you like being without electricity and going old style, that you might be interested in this kind of accommodation on Island Ugljan.

Because of the numerous bays, little islands and a rich underwater life, the Island Ugljan has become a challenge for divers and sports fishermen. Wavy plains of the interior are covered with dozens of kilometers of hiking and biking trails. With its colors, scents and a breathtaking panorama of Zadar and surrounding islands, it gives to its visitors an unforgettable picture.

As for your accommodation on Island Ugljan, there is a variety, except the hotels. Most of tourists rent apartment on Island Ugljan, or houses. It is upon you to choose where you wish to stay during your visit, will it be a family house or a holiday villa on Island Ugljan. There are also campsites on Island Ugljan, for all of you who wish to have more personal approach with the nature.

If you were wondering about the island's cuisine, it is mainly low calorie - lightly seasoned - boiled Mediterranean cuisine. Fresh or cooked vegetables, all kinds of seafood seasoned with olive oil and garlic, combined with wine is everything that you need and that you will love. Longevity of the locals is proof that their culinary habits are indeed healthy.

Thanks to an extremely indented shoreline, over 200 islands and islets, many straits, canals and lagoons and a suitable climate, Zadar archipelago is a paradise for all kinds of nautical activities. There are a couple of marinas and nautical ports on Island Ugljan - Olive Island Marina, Preko Marina and Nautical port Kukljica. The night-life, however, is poor on the island, but the City of Zadar is so close, with its rich offer, so you won’t be bored if you are a party animal.

The mild Mediterranean climate, blue sea, rocky and sandy beaches, dozens of islands and islets in the vicinity make the Island Ugljan desirable for lovers of sea and sun. The scenery on the island is truly amazing, and you will love just to be able to look at it.

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