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Ika is located on the slopes of Učka Mountain and is one of the villages of Opatija Riviera, located only 1 km from the famous nautical marina Ičići. In the center of Ika , on the shore is located the only hotel in Ika, beneath which are two beautiful pebbly beaches. In addition, we can say that Ika is actually a suburb of Opatija. They are almost the same place.

History of Ika is interesting and rich. The inhabitants of Ika are descendants of the Liburnians who were known as skilled navigators and constructors. Tribe Liburnians ruled until arrival of the Romans when they conquered Liburnians and merged the area the Roman Empire. After its fall the Ostrogoths came followed by the 6th century's Byzantine Empire rule. In 7th century the Slavs came then the Franks in the 8th. In the late 19th century buildings and modern houses, sanatoriums and resorts were built and Ika became more important.

Ika has beautiful examples of Secession architecture, fashionable villas and summer houses of the former Austro-Hungarian elite, many of which are still perfectly preserved, and represent a famous tourist attraction. Particular emphasis is on Münz villa, situated in Ičići, built in 1903. The builder was Jakob Ludwig Münz, also known by the construction of the former Grand Hotel in Pula.

As for the tourist accommodation in Ika, we already mentioned that there is one hotel in Ika, on the shore. However, most of the accommodation takes place at the apartments in Ika or at some of the beautiful holiday villas in Ika that will leave you speechless.

Besides the beauty of architecture, Ika offers a great range of sporting activities, from swimming, diving, water skiing, fishing, parasail, to introduction of Učka and its slopes through hiking, biking and walking in her woods. The gastronomic offer of this region is known for its original dishes prepared by local recipes out of which the most significant are the ones made ​​of chestnut and cherry. Ika is truly a unique destination that today as once proudly wears the colors of tourism excellence.

Beautiful beach located in the center is divided into two parts, and is known for its clean sea and a diverse offer of sports activities. Restaurants and taverns in Ika are known for their original dishes prepared with chestnuts, which are combined with meat dishes. They are also famous for unique desserts.

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