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Gruda is situated in Konavle, southeast of Dubrovnik. Gruda is an agricultural village although it doesn’t have a longstanding industrial tradition. Even though the village is known for processing agricultural products, you have to bear in mind this was done mostly out of necessity so the residents of Gruda could put some actual food on their tables. The processing of olives and grape vine started the gourmet tradition in Gruda

There are no hotels in Gruda. However, there are loads of vineyards so you can get drunk to a point where you don’t really care where you're staying at anymore, that’s how good the vine in Gruda really is. If you don’t feel like strolling through the vineyards in Gruda, be sure to have a sip in the local café's. Private accommodation in Gruda is a pretty safe bet if you want to spend a couple of nights there. 

Gruda is, essentially, quite an idyllic little place. Sure, entertainment in Gruda is not exactly diverse but you don’t go there to be entertained, you go there to relax and have a sip of vine. Tourists looking for nightclubs in Gruda will have to keep looking until they reach Dubrovnik. There are some parties being held in Gruda during the summer but that’s mostly on a local level and even the locals are getting a bit bored with them. Not much has changed in Gruda during the last couple of decades, it seems to stay still as time passes by. 

Summer in Gruda brings out the most in people because that’s when the local sporting events come to life. Local sporting events revolve around this weird combination of football and tennis (footennis) where you obviously play football with a tennis ball. That’s also the highlight of entertainment in the town

There is also one more thing Gruda is really famous for and that’s hardcore laziness. Believe it or not, if you happen to find a bum on a beach in Gruda, that’s not a bum – it just a lazy Gruda resident. Seriously though, it is a sweet little place but it's hardly a hub of interesting events. 

As far as food in Gruda is concerned they do have one specialty they are particularly proud of and that’s the green stew, based on cabbage, pork and onions. It's not the way it's made, its what it tastes like when it's done. There is also a river called Konavočica, which flows through the field below Gruda. Konavočica used to be often frequented by kids who played in the sun and swam in the river. Airport Čilipi is located about 10 kilometers from Gruda.

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