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Grožnjan is an ancient town in northwestern Istria, located about 15 miles from the sea. It is a proud place of rich historical and cultural heritage and natural beauty, all enriched by art. People call it ‘the town of the artists’.

Numerous cultural and historical monuments of Grožnjan are now stage of equally numerous cultural events. In Grožnjan you can enjoy concerts of classical music, jazz festivals, painting events, a number of exhibitions at the City Gallery as well as in twenty private galleries and studios. Grožnjan lives and breathes art at every corner, which you will understand quickly once you get there.


You can walk the hills to other picturesque old towns nearby and enjoy the amazing views and landscapes. You can relax in silence, in your apartment, and inhale the fresh air with natural scents of freshly cut hay, meadow flowers and Mediterranean herbs and woods, while listening to the birds sing. This place is truly inspirational.

Friendly people of Grožnjan will offer you a jug of excellent wine or a glass of brandy as a welcome. Ask them to recommend some places where you can enjoy traditional cuisine: local prosciutto, cheese, meats seasoned with award-winning olive oil, and other delicious dishes.

Grožnjan is located above the Mirna river valley, on a hill. The medieval urban complex remained largely intact to this day. It is a natural basis for an intense and interesting life that people of Grožnjan live today.  During the Austrian rule the Grožnjan area flourished and the railroad built in 1902 has enhanced the development of trade and agriculture. Wine, olive oil, eggs and other products were the base of its trade. It was very well organized and developed. The fall of the Austrian Empire, the subsequent Italian rule and the Great Depression have forced people to emigrate, looking for work in overseas.  Grožnjan was nearly deserted completely when, in 1965, the first painters and sculptors moved into its old stone buildings and started restoring them.

Apartment in Groznjan

The International Cultural Centre of Young Musicians in Grožnjan has made it the meeting point of young artists from all over the world. Every year they meet during numerous art courses to learn and discuss art, of course. We're guessing they are having a fabulous time, hanging around in lovely restaurants in Grožnjan that offer delicious Istrian specialties combined with excellent local wines, such as famous Istrian teran.  Wine and olive production is a very important thing in this area.

Because of its fascinating history, which is written in every stone and naturally permeates the present, finding accommodation in Grožnjan is somehow magical. Apartments and holiday villas in Grožnjan look like they’ve just arrived from ancient times. Whether you’re looking for private accommodation in Grožnjan or you wish to rent a room in Grožnjan for one night, prepare to be dazzled. Grožnjan is rich in old churches, prehistoric finds, ancient castles, magnificent palaces and many other old buildings that were restored to express all the charm of the past. There are no hotels in Gožnjan, which is a good thing, considering how small Grožnjan is. Perhaps it is a bit tough finding the accommodation in Grožnjan during summer, because at that time the whole town becomes a stage for renowned jazz and classical musicians, and many other artists who are here to discover the true joy of creation again and again. Make sure to visit the famous Jazz is Back International jazz festival that takes place during July and August. Grožnjan is truly inspirational little town, and we are happy to be able to visit such a charming place. Hope you will be too.

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