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The fishing and tourist town of Fažana is located somewhere between the old olive groves and the sea on the coast of Istria. It is guarded from the sea with Brijuni islands, world famous national park. Formerly it was known as a fishing port of Fažana, and today it is a tourist town known for its beautiful sea, fun and a pleasant atmosphere. Even the ancient Romans recognized Fažana as a place for ideal holiday and have built their summer villas there. The hills are planted with orchards, vineyards and olive groves, which complements the picturesque Mediterranean atmosphere of this place. Fažana has beautiful beaches, clear sea, Mediterranean climate and lush vegetation that has helped this place to develop into a famous tourist destination.

Located by the sea, opposite to the island of Brijuni, Fažana is a place known since the ancient Roman history, named Vasianum after the former factory of amphorae and various containers. It has always been a place of fishermen and farmers. People of different cultures – the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – have left traces at this area. This charming little town is hiding romantic squares, houses lined next to each other closely in the narrow, cobbled streets.


When in Fažana, you must visit Brijuni Islands National Park. This is an oasis of magnificent harmony between man, animals and plant life. There are almost 700 species of plants and 250 species of birds on the islands, while the mild Mediterranean climate makes it all pleasant and soothing. Prepare to be dazzled because this place is hiding traces of the dinosaurs, the remains of antiquity and of later periods and some works of modern times. Industrialist Paul Kupelwieser, the owner of Islands back then, was responsible for the decoration of the islands. Soon it became a fashionable seaside resort. This took place during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and ended with the beginning of World War II. Furthermore, Brijuni became known for the political activities of Marshal Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslavia's former president, who came to the Islands for the first time in 1947 and had an idea to make this place exclusive for the political elite of the world. There is a hotel where you can stay, and, believe it or not, there is a safari park on the island.


Let us go back to accommodation in Fažana. In the harbor there are hotel s "Istra", "Neptune" and "Carmen". These are small, but lovely hotels. Nearby are the church of St. Germain from the 15th century and also an archaeological museum where you can see the exhibition called "Tito on Brijuni". Fažana is not a place that is packed with hotels. Instead of bunch of hotels in Fažana, tourists mostly look for private accommodation in Fažana. People usually stay at apartments in Fažana. As Istria is becoming famous for its villas so many people look for this specific accommodation. If you are one of these, have no fear, there are many holiday villas in Fažana to rent. Wherever you stay, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine in one of the numerous taverns in Fažana. Also, we were surprised to hear that there is a hostel in Fažana.


Fažana is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the west coast of Istria. Visitors can enjoy in the old town as well as many other tourist activities offered. Summer terraces offer entertainment programs and the atmosphere reminds of that during the 80’s. Combine that with the authentic atmosphere of a small Mediterranean fishing town, surrounded with beautiful Istrian archipelago and you’ll get an ideal destination for your holidays.

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