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Landscape in Continental CroatiaContinental Croatia or inland Croatia as it is also called is for sure not the most well known part of Croatia, which is actually a pity as the continental part of Croatia actually has an astonishing nature to offer.

The continental part of Croatia basically covers all land areas east of the Dinaric Alps, which among others includes the north eastern part of Croatia whit the capital Zagreb and the “eating chamber” of Croatia, Slavonia.

The most famous place in continental Croatia is beyond doubts the National park Plitvice lakes, which is situated in the Lika County, close to the border to Bosnia. The National park has been inscribed in UNESCO list for the world nature heritage. The 300 km2 large national park is open all year, each of the 4 season offering a unique nature experience.

Cities to Visit for a holiday

Zagreb the capital of CroatiaZagreb the capital of Croatia is with more then 700.000 inhibitors also the largest city in the country; Zagreb has a beautiful historical old town part, as well as many historical building in the city centre. Main form of accommodation in Zagreb is hotels which can be found in all categories, as alternative there is also a limited number of private apartments both for short as well as for long term rental. Another alternative is hostels, the last couple of years more and more hostels has been opening fairly close to the city center.

Osijek is the largest city in the eastern part of Croatia, with a population about 110.000 the city is situated on the right bank of the Drava river. The most important sights in the city include the main square, Trg Ante Starčevića, Tvrđa an 18th century fortress build by the Habsburg Empire. Accommodation option in the city is limited to a few hotels and some private apartments.

Plitvice, is more then just the national park Plitvice, the nature also in the areas outside the park is really beautiful e.g. Just a few km from the national park there is a small town called san Korana, here you have private accommodation build on the bank of the river and the small waterfalls. 

Other cities which could be interesting

PlitviceSamobor, which has a very nice old town a castle and a few other historical sights


Vukovar, Varazdin, Bjelovar, Karlovac and lost of small towns.

Hotels are limited in the eastern part of Croatia, and most of them are of lower category. Private accommodation can be found in a limited number in almost all cities in the eastern part of Croatia

Culinary offer in mainland Croatia

Slavonia is the main farming area in Croatia, so here you can find a lot of local delicates like the spicy Slavonian sausage, home made Slivovitz and Medica (Rakija with honey). 

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