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Brsečine is a small cove and a practically abandoned village in South Dalmatia, in the Dubrovnik area. There aren’t that many facts known about Brsečine. However, accommodation in Brsečine is completely private and out of the few people that live there, most of them are really kind and hospitable. Apartments in Brsečine are also available for rent as well as rooms in holiday villas. There is a sweet little summerhouse that goes by the name of Cvijeta Zuzorić, which firmly holds its ground as a protected public good and is a great little treat when spending the afternoon there. 

If you're into small Croatian churches, be sure to have a gander at the Church of St. Juraj and the Church of St. Ana, the protector of the village. If you're looking to be entertained in Brsečine, do check out the underwater archeological finding site. Brsečine actually contains several even smaller villages within itself like Senj, Morter, Podubrava, to name a few. You'd think the place is not that small after all but you'd be surprised how few people can inhabit a village. 

The sandy beach in Brsečine is a pretty good excuse to go there, as you'll feel as excluded from the rest of the world as you possibly can. Evergreen forests in Brsečine will keep reminding you that maybe you're not all alone after all. However, don’t be afraid of the wildlife, most of the creatures in Brsečine couldn’t care less if you're there as they perfectly reflect the Dalmatian mentality which can be summed up in two words – laidback and zoned out. 

You won't find any nightclubs in Brsečine, that’s for sure – unless you like partying with owls in the middle of the night, kicking it to the beat of a cowbell. Still, the place is charming and you might learn to appreciate hard work when you go there because the people there mostly earn their living through agriculture and fishery. 

Once upon a time, while Dubrovnik was considered a republic, Brsečine were the perfect spot for a summer break for all the Dubrovnik aristocrats that at some point had enough of Dubrovnik and wanted to get away from it, even for a couple of weeks. There is one holiday villa in Brsečine that is very well known and has quite an odd name for itself and that’s the Ohmučević-Bizzaro summerhouse that contains a small chapel, dating all the way back from the 17th century.

Even though there aren’t any restaurants in Brsečine, the people there will gladly cook you a fresh seafood meal and offer you a couple of glasses of wine. And they wont charge you a fortune for it either.

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