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Brna is both a bay and a village on the south coast of the island of Korčula, situated about 20 kilometers southeast of Vela Luka. The bay of Brna is divided into two parts, courtesy of the Mali Zaglav peninsula. Transportation in Brna is made possible by ferry lines that connect Brna with the rest of the Adriatic islands and cities along the Adriatic coast. 

Wines in Brna are tremendous as the whole area is renown for its vineyards and praised brands of this exquisite beverage. Brna was once a sole-purpose harbor – for exporting vines to various harbors in the entire Mediterranean. However, lately, tourism in Brna has been booming. 

Entertainment in Brna begins in the bay right next to it called Istruga. So, if you intended to have fun in Brna, we guarantee you an active vacation that will be spent on two tennis courts, a boće court (an autochthone sport where two qualities determine how far you'll get in the competition - precision and patience) and a volleyball court. There's also table tennis but that table is swamped with reservations throughout the year. For some reason, people really dig table tennis in Brna

Restaurants in Brna offer exquisite seafood specialties and fantastic sorts of wine. The wines are so good that most of the weddings in Croatia cant go without the famous Grk from Korčula. Accomodation in Brna is excellent and people there have really gone beyond of what is necessary to provide you with a fabulous vacation. Private apartments and holiday villasare modernly equipped and provide comfort for even the most demanding visitors. If all else fails and you don’t get a chance to spend a couple of weeks there, do book a room and stay at least a couple of nights, you wont regret it. 

There are many beaches so you won't be disappointed wherever the forest paths may lead you. There is one beach in Brna you should pay special attention to and that’s the popular sandy beach with supposed healing properties – mostly because of the mud and its therapeutic effect. 

In the beginning of the 70's, summerhouses were first built in Brna as small getaway places for the people in Korčula, even though Korčula is something you hardly want to get away from. In the following decades, Brna developed into a nice little tourist destination with flats and apartments available for rent to the incoming tourists.

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