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Brela is a municipality in Croatia in Split-Dalmatia County. It is a well-known name in world tourism circles, thanks to its natural beauty and almost a century old tradition in tourism. The distance from Split is 45 km and from Makarska 15 km.

This area has been inhabited since the earliest times, as evidenced by many unexplored Illyrian prehistoric fort-type settlements on hills. In the fourth century BC Illyrian tribe Delmati lived in this region followed by the Romans in the third century. The necropolis that was discovered in the village Soline confirms the Roman presence. Brela was first mentioned under the name "Beroyllia" around year 950 in the Greek language, in the piece of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus, "On the Administration of the Empire," as one of four fortified cities of the old principality of Neretva (Pagania). The inhabitants of Brela, in the Latin form "Brolanenses" were first mentioned in 1315.

During the last decades of the 20th century Brela became one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in Dalmatia and attractive natural environment with clean gravel sand, romantically decorated promenades along the coast and with modern comfortable hotels, holiday homes, apartments, houses, restaurants other modern tourist facilities.


By winning numerous tourism awards Brela has proved that its sea is indeed crystal-clear and unpolluted and that the people of Brela take good care of its environment. The development of tourism decreased interest in agriculture in Brela. However, centuries-old traditions of agriculture took place in many family garden yards in which the inhabitants of Brela grow mainly olive and grape vines, orange and lemon and all kinds of vegetables.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the coast is Brela’s pebble beach Punta Rata which goes 900 meters in length and has a peculiar natural phenomenon – a huge stone in the sea. This mini-island, how locals call it, became the symbol of Brela. Renowned magazine "Forbes" in its article "The best beaches of the world in 2004" included Brela, in the company of Copacabana, St. Tropez, Spain's Costa del Sol and the Greek island Santorini’s beaches. Stone in Brela is a trademark of this pearl of the Adriatic. There are many legends about how the stone was found in the sea but none of them is known to be true.

Besides swimming in the beautiful sea, there’s something else that will be quite enjoyable for you in Brela – eating! Yes, the famous Dalmatian cuisine is there for you to explore. You can enjoy Dalmatian specialties in the idyllic atmosphere of old taverns and many restaurants in Brela. And remember to ask for some fine domestic wine. That is the best way to complement a meal in Dalmatia. Truly, people there make good wine and they use it a lot in their cuisine, not just for drinking but also for preparing all kinds of food.  We liked the famous black risotto which is allegedly the best when made in Dalmatia.


The first family boarding house opened in 1932 and it was a lady from Prague that opened it and gave it a name of "Pension Soline". Since then the accommodation in Brela has grown in many ways. The tourist settlement Soline is in fact the oldest tourist area of Brela. During years the tourism in Brela extends along the entire coast of Brela, where new tourist centers are emerging: Loznica, Podrače - Šćit, Stomarica, Podcrkavlje and Jakiruša with many beautiful and comfortable private boarding houses, restaurants and cafes. Today, private accommodation in Brela has more than 4000 beds at your disposal. Family houses are decorated with a lot of sense for aesthetics, with modern architecture, and provide a pleasant image on the mile-long stretch from Loznica to Jakiruša. Reception and attitude toward the guests is at the most friendly level, which is best confirmed by awarded medals and certificates. There are people that come to spend their holiday in Brela for 20, 30, and even more years in row. We think that it is great when one finds a place that they like so much that they lose interest in all other places. Whether it is an apartment in Brela that you are looking for or you prefer to see yourself in one of the hotels in Brela you might become one of those who come back to Brela year after year. If you don’t believe us, start browsing the Internet for pictures of this place. It is truly unique in its beauty. There are also holiday villas in Brela for all of you who like that kind of accommodation. For people who like to spend most of their holiday outdoor and free of the walls, there are camps in Brela that you will absolutely adore.


The Lungomare – a place for long walks, that is – stretches from the western part of Brela, up to 18 km to distant place Podgore. You can also try out hiking and biking trails in Brela if that’s what you like, or visit the gym and wellness at one of the hotels. Popular activity is boat renting. You can take your loved one of your friend to a boat and go fishing or simply driving around.

The sport of rock climbing is relatively new and offers a full range of courses mostly of medium difficulty, though there are plenty of easier routes. Panels that require precision and durability are the main feature of these climbing areas. The potential of these rocks above Brela was discovered by Austrian climber Christian Hacker, who, together with his friends furnished almost all directions. When you climb these paths you will be enchanted with the view of the sea and the nearby islands of Brač and Hvar. This rock will amaze the experienced climbers as well as beginners.

We already said that Brela is unique in its beauty, however, we feel like it needs to be said again. With beautiful beaches, pine forests, crystal blue sea, Mediterranean climate, sport grounds, marina, beautiful relaxing environment, excellent service in luxury hotels and private accommodation, Brela is a true pearl of the Adriatic. All this definitely guarantees an unforgettable holiday!

One of the beautiful bays that can be found in the area of Brela is Stomarica. Many vacation homes in Brela are arranged around the hills with a beautiful view of the nearby beach. The quality of environmental protection and regulation of beaches is confirmed with the Blue flag that waves over the beach.


There is one magnificent place in Brela, called Vrulja, where cliffs plunge into the sea at depths greater than 100 meters. Unfortunately, numerous attempts to determine the final depth were not successful. It is a fascinating site for divers. Each new dive to this place is always different and therefore interesting, because many shoals of fish gather here to feed.

For the end we left a little something for the ones who like to spend their holidays naked – there is a nudist beach in Brela, a secluded, quiet beach that is a true paradise for nudists. Maybe now you will get some new members of the community.

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