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Most retail supermarkets in Croatia have a large selection of beer, including both domestic as well as imported beers. As a general rule domestic beer, which by the way includes, some great beers, is cheaper than Imported beers. Please note that some large international Brands like Tuborg, Carlsberg and Heiniken are “Domestic” beers from a price perspective as they have own production plants in Croatia.

In supermarkets beer are sold in 0.25 L, 0.33 L, 0.5 L, 1 L, 2 L and even 2.5 L bottles. Cans are available as 0.33 L, 0.5 L and 5 L. The standard and most popular size is the 0.5 L. There are deposit on both bottles and cans, so remember to keep them if you wish to refill later. 

Beer Prices in Restaurants:


The beer prices in restaurants and bars range from about 15 Kuna up to 30 Kuna for a pint of beer. The better the location the higher the price. Generally draft domestic beer seams to be the most affordable sort of beer. A good tip is to have what the locals are having. 

Supermarket prices for Beer:


Here you can find a list of supermarket prices for beer you find in most places in Croatia. All beer prices are from a larger supermarket in Split, but they should give a good impression of the general beer prices level. Every third month we will update the pricelist, we will buy exactly the same products and will only state the regular price (ignoring if any of the product should be on sale). If one of the products is not available anymore, we will find similar product and add a note to the table to ensure full transparency. 

We will publish the updated beer price basket here and on our Facebook and Twitter page, so make sure to bookmark this page if you wish to stay updated with the food price development. Alternatively you can click on the links here to follow Facebook Croatia or Twitter Croatia where we also publish, when we have updated the basket.


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