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Banjol is a place known for its beautiful sandy beaches. It is also well known for its rich gastronomic offer, eco-friendly farm products and the wealth of accommodation facilities.

Banjol village is located exactly opposite the town of Rab, on the island of Rab. One part of Banjol is on a hill overlooking the main road, while the other, divided into three bays along the coast. They are called "Padove" and there are three of them - Padova I, II and III. Not so imaginative but at least easy to pronounce.

As for your accommodation in Banjol, you’ll be interested to know that there is a hotel in Banjol. It is located in the first Padova and its name is – well, try to guess - hotel "Padova". The third Padova, only 2 km from the town of Rab, is surrounded by pine trees and has a very nice sandy beach. There is also a lovely campsite in Banjol, located in third Padova (the campsite is called; you guessed it, "III Padova") with a wide range of sport activities available such as tennis, golf, surfing, bowling or table tennis.

Very nice and romantic walk along the coast will take you directly to the town of Rab. So, if you like long walks, you will love Banjol and the entire island of Rab. What makes Banjol attractive is a great number of small ports along the coast, the houses on the beach, promenade by the sea and view of the old city.

As for your accommodation in Banjol, you can find it in many apartments in Banjol. There are also luxury holiday villas in Banjol and these are located mostly in the bay II Padova.

The gastronomic offer in the restaurants in Banjol varies from the classical Mediterranean specialties to the ones offering spaghetti and pizzas. There are a couple of slow-food restaurants as well.

On the island of Rab, entertainment is an essential part of tourism life. Most entertainment and nightlife can be found at the center of the island of Rab, where a large number of cafes, bars and nightclubs is located. If you prefer, you can have fun in the beach bars in Banjol as there are no big clubs.

The vicinity of the town of Rab, beautiful bays, the promenade along the sea and gastronomic offer of Banjol are the reasons why many tourists return to it year after year, perhaps you will be one of them.

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