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The island of Bra? is well known for its stone. In fact, it is so well known that most of the sculptures in Croatia were built out of Bra? stone. When you visit Pu?iš?a you'll see the place really nurtures the stone carving tradition. In fact, it is so developed that the stone from Pu?iš?e's nearby quarry is actually built into the White House in Washington, D.C. Most of the aspiring stone carvers are eager on getting at least some of their education in Pu?iš?a's excellent school for stone carving.

If you're planning on having a family vacation in Pu?iš?a, that would be a wise choice. It doesn't lack content, spirit or generosity. That's mostly because of its history. In the past, Pu?iš?e has been through a lot and it got devastated several times as well. However, each time it got devastated it also got rebuilt, even after being burned to the ground in 1943.

When you get a bit hungry, we advise you to explore a myriad of restaurants. Of course, dishes based on seafood are a must. However, if you're yearning for some meaty dishes, definitely check out the taverns here because these offer the best lamb specialties in Croatia. Top it all off with some of the local wines and you're good to go. Oh, and don't miss out on the olive oil in Pu?iš?a either, the islands usually have the best ones because of the amount of sunny days during the year.


As far as accommodation in Pu?iš?a is concerned, there are plenty of options to choose from. Still, do take this advice with a pinch of salt and book your room or apartment in Pu?iš?a a month in advance, just to be on the safe side. Some of you will probably be looking for a certain amount of pampering and for that kind of service there is a nice little hotel in Pu?iš?a that won't burst your bubble. It's one of the oldest buildings on the island, dating back to the 15th century and decorated in a rich renaissance fashion. So, yes, rooms in Pu?iš?a are available in both hotels and holiday villas.

Shops, museums and nightclubs in Pu?iš?a are located in its very center. In fact, you can find various types of entertainment in Pu?iš?a, especially if you're seeking for an active vacation instead lying around the beach all day. You can go sailing, diving, paragliding, biking or water skiing. One more thing, Pu?iš?a is easily accessible because of the fact that Bra? has its own airport so you don't need to worry about that. Taxi boats will take you anywhere you want and a well-organized ferry line is your next best thing.

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