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During the late 19th and the early 20th century tourism began on the Opatija Riviera. The guests from Opatija went on trips in carriages to romantic Moš?eni?ka Draga. The first guests stayed overnight in beautiful holiday villas in Moš?eni?ka Draga which were built in the late 19th century. The Armand family, who owned a hotel in Moš?eni?ka Draga, marked the beginning of the tourism industry there. Based on this historic hotel the Draga hotel was built. It changed its name to the Miramar, and later to the Mediterranean.

Less than 500 residents live in Moš?eni?ka Draga. During the summer months the number is significantly larger, naturally.  At 15 kilometers from Opatija, this place has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. Even residents of the nearby Istrian towns come to spend the day on this exceptional natural beach in Moš?eni?ka Draga.

There are seven beaches in Moš?eni?ka Draga. Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts have at their disposal a large number of marked mountain and forest bycicle trails as well as a number of sports activities available at the beaches. Therefore, you definitely wont be lacking active entertainment in Moš?eni?ka Draga.

There are two hotels in Moš?eni?ka Draga. Nature lovers will enjoy campsites in Moš?eni?ka Draga. Actually, Istria is famous for its beautiful campsites. There are also many holiday villas in Moš?eni?ka Draga and these are truly exclusive and beautiful. Try googling it to see it yourself. Most of the time people seek for private accommodation in Moš?eni?ka Draga, so you will be able to find an apartment to rent for you and your family or friends.

Moš?eni?ka Draga is famous for its prosciutto, cheese, seafood specialties and great Istrian wines. Many restaurants in Moš?eni?ka Draga offer the most delicious seafood there is. Maybe the wine makes it so delicious? We don’t know but we surely will come back to enjoy it once again. And again.

As for the nightclubs in Moš?eni?ka Draga, there aren’t any. People usually go to Opatija if they want to party. While you're out, do enjoy the best restaurants in Moš?eni?ka Draga, beautiful villas and breathtaking scenery. There are traditional festivals in Moš?eni?ka Draga and entire Kvarner Riviera that take place during summer months. If you don’t like Croatian music, then you will hate these. But if you like to learn things about cultures other than your own, you might find something really charming and joyous in these events. Have an open mind, be kind and nice things will happen.

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